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The Ghosts of Halloween Past and Present

There are many ghosts of Halloween past and present. Many legends and movies made for the occasion. All meant to make us scared and afraid. I loved Halloween as a kid. My mom used to take my brother and I trick or treating.  It was hard because he was extreme special needs. As I got older I went with the kids in the neighborhood. It was so much fun as a kid. The neighborhood was great for Halloween.  Fast forward to a few years after and the new neighborhood I had moved to was ok but it was not my neighborhood. It was not the same.  Fast forward again a different state and different culture.  No trick or treaters Halloween was gone.  Present day new area and new neighborhood. Halloween was born again. The families are out. The kids are in costumes and trick or treating. It was like when I was a kid but this time my youngest gets to experience it. Even though my oldest got gipped from previous neighborhoods at least she gets to experience giving out the candy.  We all have our memories and ghosts of Halloween past and present. What is your favorite Halloween memory? What was your best costume?  Comment below I would love to know. Now onto the next life lesson.

Best Advice from a Mother to her daughters

I am so proud of both of my girls. They have come so far academically, socially, and just all around.  I am proud of the young women I am raising in this crazy world. I tell them always be kind, think before you act, be vigilant, go with your gut, always save money.  Most of all do what makes you happy! I think that is pretty good advice.  It is not easy raising kids today.  Both of my girls are on the spectrum. I do not let that STOP them in any way. They can do anything they put their minds to.  My oldest works at a thrift store.  This is a huge step and a chance to really make it the world. She learning about people, life skills, and life in general.  I believe in them. I have taught them do not let anyone stop you from doing what you love and following your dreams and your passion.  This is life it is precious and you only get one chance and one life. As I get older and they get older I know at some point I will have to let go and that hurts the most.   They always have my heart and my advice to carry with them the rest of their lives.  Nothing is more important to me than my family. A family is a family and they will always come first. When they are adults and have their own lives I hope they remember what I have taught them Everything you ever need to know you learn in Kindergarten and from Mom. Now onto the next life lesson.

People and Their Behavior

There are many different kinds of people in this world. We have all types in the  United States and other countries. We have those that hate us and those that work with us. We have people in this world that are selfish and people that give and give. We have others who take and take. I personally like to give. I like to pay it forward and I want to make a difference.  I know how it feels to be left out or treated like you do not belong. I do not want others to feel like that so I will spread kindness and give to others.  I want to be able to fit in and count for something. I want to put in my fair share in this world.  I know all different types of people. I know who I am comfortable with and who I am not.  I will not let others dictate my life. I am here on this earth to live my life and take care of my loved ones and myself.  Do you spread kindness? Do you stick up for others who cannot stick up for themselves? Are you a leader or a follower? I want to lead and set a good example for the kids.   I want to be positive and kind. Some just want to cause problems and trouble. If at all possible stay away from those people. You want to surround yourself with people that love you for you.  We all have faults and we all make mistakes.  None of us are perfect. Only the man upstairs is. I thank god every day and I am grateful for his guidance. He listens to my prayers. Thank you for reading my blog.  Now onto the next life lesson.


What is your color? Are you a warm color like red or orange? Are you a cool color like blue or green? What colors are on your palette?  How do you see your colors? Are you a lavender person? I love lavender it is a soft color with a delightful scent. I love the way it looks and feels.  What is your favorite color? Do you have one? Does your home reflect your colors? What tones do you prefer loud or soft? Do you tend to pick out the same colors all the time? Do you stick to black or navy for your occupation?  Do colors put you in your mood? If you are red today are you angry? If you are yellow are you happy? If you are blue are you as cool as a cucumber? Interesting how colors affect us.  I love lavender, pink, light blue, and black. I know that color is out of place but it goes with anything.  It is your all-around color maybe your safe color. Safe color? Safe color goes with anything.  It is the color that is most recognized. It is the color of darkness.  People like to wear black for evening wear.  Black could be the bad color it is the color thieves wear. I try not to associate colors with negative things.  Either way, we all have our colors.  What draws certain colors or patterns to our eyes? Why do we like certain colors?  Our eyes and our taste draw our attention to the favorites.  You may like more than one like me. All the colors tell a story. We like certain colors for many reasons. Colors say a lot about us. Are we bright and vibrant or cool and calm? What is your color? I would love to know. Why do you like it? Color your parachute of life. Color you beautiful. Now onto the next life lesson.

Just say thank you

Two very simple words.  My mom always said when someone sends a gift you send a thank you.  She was all about doing the right thing.  They are such important words. You do not hear them often. How many times did you hold a door open for someone and did they did not say thank you. I would yell Your welcome!  We went to a party recently and I got a thank you note. It was so refreshing to see manners have not died. I love that. I love hearing thank you. I love knowing I did something for someone that made them happy. I enjoy seeing happiness.  Thank you is so simple and we should not forget to say it. Please and thank you are so important. If people said it more the world would be a better place.  Next time someone does something say thank you!  Send a card to let them know how you feel.  People love to get personal mail. There is to much junk mail out there.  A nice note of thanks or simple hi always makes someone smile.  I always tell my kids to say please and thank you. I hear from others how polite they are. I am proud to know I am raising wonderful and polite young ladies.  Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

So you are different

You could never explain it but you have known your whole life you were different. You did not look different but you felt different. You learned differently and you were not always accepted by other kids. Why is that?  What makes someone feel accepted?  Your family was different and you knew it.  You had a brother who was different. Back then no one knew much about kids with special needs.  From then until now they have gained knowledge.  However, people still do not accept you.  You grow up and you have lived your life the best you knew how.  You gain some acceptance as you got older.  It was not easy but you did. College helped you along.   I have news life is never simple. You will have challenges and that is okay. It is how you handle those challenges that you makes you stronger or give up.  I chose to be stronger.  Your life has been challenging.  Somehow some way you find the strength to fight. The struggle is real.  Why did I have to work so much harder than anyone else? Nothing came easy. Others seem to have it so much easier. Now you have a family and you have children of your own.  You have passed the gene to them.  You watch them grow and grow.  You have worked hard to teach them at home before they enter school.  You look at them now and you smile. You do not need a medal or a pat on the back you already know they are successful. YOU have made sure of that. They are not struggling the way you did.  They have knowledge and power.  So if you can pass that on to your family.  We are different but at the end of the day, we all put our pants on the same way. We all come from the same place in the universe.  Go out there and learn about different and ACCEPT I dare you! Now onto the next life lesson.

The art of listening

Are you listening when someone speaks? Are you listening to respond or listen to hear?  Are your ears in tune? Do you fully in tune when someone is talking? It is so important to really listen to someone. You never know what you will miss if you do not tune in. For example, what if you miss something important when a teacher or professor is speaking. You could miss important instructions. Listening is not just hearing what someone says it is absorbing the information and following the directions.  Follow through is just as important. You have listened now you can carry the information forward.  Do you listen when someone says, NO? Also very important. You should not pick and choose who to listen to. You should listen to the people that you interact with.  So go put on your listening ears and communicate with your loved one. Hopefully, they listen and they understand your feelings.  It is a terrible feeling not to be listened to.  Do you ask enough questions? Do you take notes when you are in class? Are you understanding the information? Most of all ARE YOU LISTENING? Let me know if you like to listen and if you do actually listen. What are your peers saying to you?  Can you make an informed decision? It all comes down to the art of listening. Now onto the next life lesson.

Again Again and Again

Why is it keeps on happening?  History really does repeat itself. One moment You are in the next you are out.  Who gets to be in the know? Who are those people? Who decides all of this? How do you get on board? I guess it is gets passed down to your kids too. You are always the one on the outside.  Do you ever feel you have had enough? You think and think is it something I said or did?  You drive yourself crazy and it starts to consume you UNTIL you realize why am I doing this to myself? Why am I wasting my valuable energy on others?  I heard a friend say to me  There is a saying going around Do not expect too much from people. Sometimes that can be true.  Every time you turn around it happens again and again.  Maybe you should not put any more thought into the Again and Again. It is hard because when you are hurt you feel abandon and alone.  You have felt that way your entire life. There are things from your childhood effecting you now from your past. There is no one to talk to as a professional.  Where are these people? Are they in hiding?  I guess you have to continue hurting.  Even the ones you love hurt you. You are surrounded by the situation all the time.  What do you do next?  When is it your turn to be happy?  I do not have the answers I wish I did. I just wish the again and again would keep coming back. Different people same situation.  Do they all meet and plan how to make others feel horrible? I wonder, do you?  I guess we just have to wait and see.  Now onto the next life lesson.

The Classics

There are many things that are considered classics. Classic movies. classic books, classic television shows. classic sporting events. What is your favorite classic? Are you a bookworm or a movie buff? Do you love sports and remember all the classic games?  Were you able to attend one? I bet that was something.  Do you have originals of any classics? Are you a collector?  I love black and white movies.  I have quite a few favorite books that I have read and not all of them are classics.  I also love those iconic 80’s movies.  They just do not make them like they used to.  What is your favorite movie? Do you have more than one?  Classics have been around a long time.  One of the reasons they are classics. Who decides what is a classic? I don’t remember them asking me.  I guess over time the more people talk about something and the more they have seen it than it becomes classic.   What about the old buildings that are classic?  Eiffel Tower, Empire State building, Great wall of China.  There are so many stories behind the classics.   There are also classic stories told by our veterans. I bet those are mostly sad and they have bad memories. But what about the war brides they have stories. How a soldier and a nurse fell in love.   I would love to hear a real-life story.  They are out there and they are being told.  We are so lucky we are able to read any book we want, see any movie we want, wear what we want and be who we want. Other countries they do not have it so good. It is sad. I am so proud to be an American.  I am honored and lucky to be born in this country.  Get to your library or bookstore and check out or buy that classic.  Read and enjoy. Now onto the next life lesson.

Your Vacation spot

Where do you like to go on vacation? Do you like cruises? Are you an avid skier? Do you like to simply get in the car and go? However, you like to travel I am sure you will make it the best possible vacation.  You should take your time and get there safely.  Do you like to fly or do you prefer a nice train ride?  I went on a cruise a few years ago. I had a nice time and glad I experienced it. I was skeptical at first but it was very enjoyable.  A vacation should be relaxing its time away from everyday hustle and bustle of daily life.  My personal favorite is Marco Island. I love the hotel there. It is simply gorgeous. The place just breeds relaxation. I normally do not know how to relax there I can.  It was the best-kept secret of Florida now everybody and their grandmother goes there.  I enjoy being away but I still think about what I have to do every day.  I am so routine oriented and stressed I just cannot relax most of the time.  I enjoy time away.  It is healthy to have a change of environment. Why not take some time pack a bag and just go?  I miss being young and spontaneous. I miss feeling free and independent.  Where did that time go?  That is another thing time seems to be going faster and faster. I do not think I like that.  Either way, life happens. You only live once.  Pick a place and go there. Enjoy yourself. Let me know how it was and where you ended up.  Enjoy the life you only get one. Now onto the next life lesson.


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