What is your color? Are you a warm color like red or orange? Are you a cool color like blue or green? What colors are on your palette?  How do you see your colors? Are you a lavender person? I love lavender it is a soft color with a delightful scent. I love the way it looks and feels.  What is your favorite color? Do you have one? Does your home reflect your colors? What tones do you prefer loud or soft? Do you tend to pick out the same colors all the time? Do you stick to black or navy for your occupation?  Do colors put you in your mood? If you are red today are you angry? If you are yellow are you happy? If you are blue are you as cool as a cucumber? Interesting how colors affect us.  I love lavender, pink, light blue, and black. I know that color is out of place but it goes with anything.  It is your all-around color maybe your safe color. Safe color? Safe color goes with anything.  It is the color that is most recognized. It is the color of darkness.  People like to wear black for evening wear.  Black could be the bad color it is the color thieves wear. I try not to associate colors with negative things.  Either way, we all have our colors.  What draws certain colors or patterns to our eyes? Why do we like certain colors?  Our eyes and our taste draw our attention to the favorites.  You may like more than one like me. All the colors tell a story. We like certain colors for many reasons. Colors say a lot about us. Are we bright and vibrant or cool and calm? What is your color? I would love to know. Why do you like it? Color your parachute of life. Color you beautiful. Now onto the next life lesson.