Two very simple words.  My mom always said when someone sends a gift you send a thank you.  She was all about doing the right thing.  They are such important words. You do not hear them often. How many times did you hold a door open for someone and did they did not say thank you. I would yell Your welcome!  We went to a party recently and I got a thank you note. It was so refreshing to see manners have not died. I love that. I love hearing thank you. I love knowing I did something for someone that made them happy. I enjoy seeing happiness.  Thank you is so simple and we should not forget to say it. Please and thank you are so important. If people said it more the world would be a better place.  Next time someone does something say thank you!  Send a card to let them know how you feel.  People love to get personal mail. There is to much junk mail out there.  A nice note of thanks or simple hi always makes someone smile.  I always tell my kids to say please and thank you. I hear from others how polite they are. I am proud to know I am raising wonderful and polite young ladies.  Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.