Today I am going to talk about my Mom. She was a good lady. I knew she was sad because her and my dad just did not get along. She worked hard as an RN at the local hospital. She took care of her family and loved them the best she could.  She read me bedtime stories, cooked, cleaned, and also had a full-time job. She had her moments like anyone else but loved me and took care of me despite what was going on.  She loved her friends. She loved to shop and she always looked like a million bucks on the outside. She loved to get her hair done and she loved to wear makeup. My brother and my father were never nice to her. They were horrible to her.  I was little and I think sometimes I cried for her in my room at bedtime always after story time so my mom wouldn’t know. She did not need to get more upset. Then one day they told me they were finally getting divorced. Only they never made it because my mom took her own life on April 19th, 1983. That is when everything stopped. My world went black and the light was off. It was a hard time for me. It is amazing I am who I am now. I do not know how I did it. I promise myself I would always be there when I had kids and I am. I am blessed and I know she is looking down on me and proud. Happy 84th birthday Mom, I love you! Now onto the next life lesson.