You could never explain it but you have known your whole life you were different. You did not look different but you felt different. You learned differently and you were not always accepted by other kids. Why is that?  What makes someone feel accepted?  Your family was different and you knew it.  You had a brother who was different. Back then no one knew much about kids with special needs.  From then until now they have gained knowledge.  However, people still do not accept you.  You grow up and you have lived your life the best you knew how.  You gain some acceptance as you got older.  It was not easy but you did. College helped you along.   I have news life is never simple. You will have challenges and that is okay. It is how you handle those challenges that you makes you stronger or give up.  I chose to be stronger.  Your life has been challenging.  Somehow some way you find the strength to fight. The struggle is real.  Why did I have to work so much harder than anyone else? Nothing came easy. Others seem to have it so much easier. Now you have a family and you have children of your own.  You have passed the gene to them.  You watch them grow and grow.  You have worked hard to teach them at home before they enter school.  You look at them now and you smile. You do not need a medal or a pat on the back you already know they are successful. YOU have made sure of that. They are not struggling the way you did.  They have knowledge and power.  So if you can pass that on to your family.  We are different but at the end of the day, we all put our pants on the same way. We all come from the same place in the universe.  Go out there and learn about different and ACCEPT I dare you! Now onto the next life lesson.