There are many things that are considered classics. Classic movies. classic books, classic television shows. classic sporting events. What is your favorite classic? Are you a bookworm or a movie buff? Do you love sports and remember all the classic games?  Were you able to attend one? I bet that was something.  Do you have originals of any classics? Are you a collector?  I love black and white movies.  I have quite a few favorite books that I have read and not all of them are classics.  I also love those iconic 80’s movies.  They just do not make them like they used to.  What is your favorite movie? Do you have more than one?  Classics have been around a long time.  One of the reasons they are classics. Who decides what is a classic? I don’t remember them asking me.  I guess over time the more people talk about something and the more they have seen it than it becomes classic.   What about the old buildings that are classic?  Eiffel Tower, Empire State building, Great wall of China.  There are so many stories behind the classics.   There are also classic stories told by our veterans. I bet those are mostly sad and they have bad memories. But what about the war brides they have stories. How a soldier and a nurse fell in love.   I would love to hear a real-life story.  They are out there and they are being told.  We are so lucky we are able to read any book we want, see any movie we want, wear what we want and be who we want. Other countries they do not have it so good. It is sad. I am so proud to be an American.  I am honored and lucky to be born in this country.  Get to your library or bookstore and check out or buy that classic.  Read and enjoy. Now onto the next life lesson.