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The Last Christmas blog

Today is the last of the 25 days of Christmas. I hope you all enjoyed each and every blog. I enjoy writing each and every day. It is my ME time. A time when I can just be me and write,  I hope you all enjoy your holiday. Whatever you celebrate or however you choose to celebrate.  I hope you are with family or friends or both. I hope you have peace and time to know how much you are loved.  The holidays can be difficult. It is not all about gifts, food, and decorations. It is about being with family and sharing and finding time to spend together in this crazy busy world we live in. We need to find time for each other and be less busy. Life is happening right before us. We are always rushing and rushing and maybe it is time to slow down. When we know we have had enough it means it is time to slow down. Maybe we need to listen to the signs. There are signs that we ignore. Maybe we have pains in our body or maybe we are sad more often than happy. Either way, if we need help we need to find it.  Whether it is mental or medical. When it is time to slow down we need to listen. We only get one life and one chance. Make it count, take time out to smell the roses, tell the one you love you love them, spread kindness, and love,  Do not forget about YOU! I want to wish everyone a very happy and healthy new year! MerryChristmas! Now onto the next life lesson.  ( Blogs will be back after the new year)

Christmas Dessert

What kind of dessert do you serve at Christmas? Are you a baker? Do you make Christmas cookies? Do you prefer pies? If you ask me there is no other choice except Chocolate. Yes, it is true if it is not chocolate it is not dessert.  I always wanted to make chocolate moose. My mom used to make it. It was delicious. One of the few things she made well. Sorry, Mom.  I know you tried.  Either way, Chocolate in my book is always a winner.  I also want to learn how to make Gingerbread cookies. Maybe this year I will.  I saw a movie where they made them and then put them in jars with bows around them. It looked so cute.  Great party favor.  I like to set a beautiful table and admire it before it gets messy.  Whatever dessert you choose I know you will enjoy it.  I am sure you choose your dessert wisely.  Christmas desserts are special. Everything is made with love.  Bon Appetit! Now onto the next life lesson.


Are you ready for Christmas

It is exactly six days til Christmas. Are you ready for it? Do you have all of your gifts wrapped? Are you doing last minute shopping?  Is your menu planned out? Are you ready to celebrate? I hope that whatever you have planned it is peaceful and wonderful. I hope that you get what you want for your Christmas. Most of all I hope all prayers are answered. I hope God is listening. I hope that you and your family have a safe and Merry Christmas. I hope everyone is in bed when Santa comes. Make sure you leave him milk and cookies. Make sure you always believe in the magic of Christmas. I pray for all good health, happiness, and that all our wishes come true.  What are your dreams and wishes? Shh don’ t tell or they won’t come true. Believe in the magic! It is there. The Christmas angels are hard at work too. They are with you always.  Enjoy your time with your family. Kick back and watch your favorite Christmas movies.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Do you need the three Ghosts?

Are you not a fan of Christmas? Are you a Scrooge or a Grinch? Why don’t you like the holidays? Are they a rough time for you? To some, they are just sad while others are just simply against the holidays all together.  I remember a time when I was sad around this time of year.  I eventually decided that being sad was no fun. With the help of friends and people that loved me Christmas was no longer sad and lonely. It was what YOU make of it. It is up to you to live how you want to live. It is about the choices you make and the life you choose.  It is about the spirit of giving and sharing. It is not about gifts and who has what. It is about kindness and love.  It is no secret that I love Christmas. I love the idea of just being together and happy.  I love to prepare the meals and gather around the table and share our day,  While others choose different ways to celebrate that is okay. It is their choice.  While some may need the three ghosts to remind them what Christmas is really about it. When they right their wrongs they realize what they have missed and spent the next few Christmass making up for it,  Eventually, we do right our wrongs. There are a few selfish people that still keep doing the wrong things.  For some, they never realize and continue thinking it is ok. Those people get coal from Santa. I  choose to stay away from them.  They are not worth the energy,  Even so, Christmas goes on and the memories are made with the people that matter. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, To those that are scrooges and grinches maybe one day, you will see things differently who knows maybe some ghosts may have to pay you a visit, Now onto the next life lesson.

A Pen Pal at Christmas

What would you want a pen pal in this day in age? Someone who you can write back and forth to. You can sit down and make the time to write to someone. Maybe, someone, you can fall in love with?  What if you lived in a small town and someone made up a program of a Pen pal at Christmas. I got this idea from a Christmas movie I watched. What if you could wait for a letter and like back in the old day. You would reveal yourself at a local town Christmas party. You have to tell your pen pal how you would do it so that they know it was you. It would take place the night before Christmas. You both would have pen names so it would be a surprise until the night before Christmas. What would you write? Could you actually wait for a letter? Do you have the time and patience to put in the effort? I think it would be fun. To actually unplug and do things the old fashion way.  I think it is nice to get letters in the mail. I think it would be a nice experiment or just a simple fun thing to do. You could gain a very good friend or new love. Your choice. Either way, sometimes it is nice to remember how things used to be. Were they more simple? Maybe start something where you live or work? See how it goes. Good Luck if you do. Now onto the next life lesson.

Christmas Dinner

What are you serving for Christmas? What are your traditional dishes? Do you have Turkey? I am not a fan of Turkey so I make what we all like. Why make something if no one eats it. It does not make sense. I usually cook the crowd favorites Chicken cutlets, pasta, vegetable, and a salad.  We gather at the table and we laugh and eat. It is just the four of us.  I always welcome friends.  No one should be by themselves.  Sometimes other family members outside the house make it more stressful. A good healthy distance is good in that respect.  We want Christmas to be peaceful and happy.  I wish everyone well and a wonderful holiday. We used to travel up north to see family it just got taxing and it is too cold up there. I prefer my own home. I do not want to lug presents and luggage and freeze.  I like to enjoy the intimate Christmas.  I love seeing my kids faces light up when they open their gifts.  Christmas is a lot of work for just one day.  The food shopping, the gifts. the food prep.  It is worth it for everything to look beautiful and festive for the holidays. For some the holidays are tough.  I respect their wishes.  All I ask is that Christmas is what everyone wants. I hope everyone gets what they need and want for Christmas.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Making time for Christmas

Honestly, I think Christmas decorations are my favorite. I love the reefs on the doors and the lights on the houses. I love the snowman decorations in the stores. I love anything with a snowman on it. I even have snowman plates and bowls. It makes me happy and they are so beautifully made.  It makes the home happy when you see Christmas decorations.  They have the Christmas spirit.  I like to see people happy and spending time with the people they love.  Christmas is about family and giving. It is about sharing time and spreading Christmas cheer. It is about helping and giving.  Even though these past few years have been stressful I am still grateful for my health and my family, I am grateful for God and his guidance. I heard something on my podcast yesterday that if you think and feel positive you will have a good life.  You can do anything you want as long as you work hard and put your mind to it.  Your soul will thank you for being that person to make a difference. If you help someone decorate their home or office you giving your time to make something beautiful and someone feel good.  Enjoy your holiday and keep spreading kindness to all. Now onto the next life lesson,

Where are the Christmas Angels?

I do believe in Angels. I believe that spirits and angels to watch over us. We may not know they are there but they are.  I think they have special angles for people that really need angels. There are some things you cannot explain.  They just happen to be.  Right now I am going through some small stuff and I could really use a Christmas Angel. I know that others really are in need but I am not asking much just for someone to let me know all will be okay. I pray each day for everyone. I believe God is watching and I know with his help I can get through this minor situation. I am not going to say what it is that is bothering me but I am going to pray that it all works out. I would appreciate any prayers that you can offer. If a Christmas Angel can come that I welcome it. I know it this isn’t a Hallmark movie but it would be nice if a Christmas Angel would show up.  I wish all the stress would go away. I wish that certain people had more compassion.  I know life is not fair if anyone knows that it is me. I do not want any sympathy or a medal I just want peace and to be loved.  Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Art of Giving

Are you a giving person? Do you like to make people smile?   Do you want to start to make a difference? What charity work would you choose?   I think when you give you can feel that warm feeling in your heart.  You know you made someone’s day just by going out of your way to get the perfect gift.  Or maybe you give your time to a soup kitchen to feed the homeless. How do you give? Maybe you donate money to your favorite cause? If you do not have a tradition maybe you can start one.  Giving makes your heart and soul smile. Maybe you donate to Toys for Tots. Maybe you give monetary donations. Whatever it is that is up to you. You are doing your part bu giving and caring.  Maybe you donate blood to help Blood banks. You can always find a way to give. There are ways to help. You can be whatever kind of helper you want.  Maybe you donate anonymously. There is no right or wrong way to give just keep spreading kindness all year round.  Celebrate the gift of giving.  What is the best gift you have given to someone? What would you like to give? How will you pay it forward?  Let’s give some kindness out. Now onto the next life lesson.

A Christmas Prayer or a Christmas Wish

I know in the movies it works I was just hoping that maybe it could work in real life. I am very upset about something. Ever wish you did something different with a different outcome?  I sure do I have been asking God to heal me and to help me get through this. I think he is the only one that can. I had a minor accident on Friday and it is because I had so much on my mind and that I was watching was myself. I think this happened because someone needed to watch over me and say Hey Pay attention to you because you are so busy focused on other people. Perhaps that is true.  I just need one of those Christmas miracles or my prayers answered.  I hope God is listening to me I am a big believer. Of course, damage only was done to my car. It is not bad but as I said the weighing on me.  Where are the angels? I know others need them more than me but I could sure use one right now. If you are a person that prays can you please pray for me?  Thank you so much for reading my blog.  God if you are listening please send an angel. Lesson number one pay attention, Lesson number two ask for help if you need it. Lesson number three Stop thinking if only I had done… Now onto the next life lesson

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