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Friendships, Hosting, and the American Way

Over the years I have made many friends. People come and go and some stay in touch and some just want to move on.  Now we have social media which makes it easier to find people.  9 times out of 10 you will find them. While there is a small percentage that want nothing to do with social media.  I am not a huge fan of social media I do not post my whole life story on there. I mostly put pictures of my dog. I am very safety conscious.  Before I moved I had a small group of friends.  I usually spent time with one at a time. I do not like big groups unless I am super comfortable with you.  I really miss my friends from where I used to live. I had my own connections. Friendship does work both ways. I  visited two years ago and I saw some of my friends. It was a nice time.  There is one friend that I can always count on. We have been best friends since middle school.  The only problem is she is so far away,  We can be each be in a another country and nothing would stop us from talking.  I just miss having that one person close to me that I can count on.  Now I have made some great friends here and I am grateful for that. If you have a best friend than you know what I mean.  People here tend to have a lot of parties and host.  It is fun to get together and hang out.  I think it is about what you make of it.  Do you host ? Are you a social person? Are you more quiet and reserved?  When do you choose to host? Is there a better time than most? How about the Super Bowl?  I remember we used to host our friends we had such a great time. Either way whatever you are planning I hope you have a fabulous party. Let everyone’s belly be full.  May the best team win. The commercials are funny and the halftime show is hit or miss.  I do have to say one thing; I am not a fan of football these days they do not even do the National Anthem. Shame on them. However, they will for the Super Bowl at least I hope so. I think that is un American.  You live in this country and you stand for the flag! There is no excuse.  You stand for the flag and you kneel for the cross.  I am not even Christian and I feel that way.  I had to get that off my chest.  I am proud to be an American , Now onto the next life lesson.

Gone to Soon

This is on my mind so  I am going to write about it. When you look back to your High School or your college days you wonder about people and how they are doing? Sure you now have social media and half the world is on it but some aren’t and you search for them and they are just not around.  You ask mutual friends and they are doing okay. You then hear on social media that a person you knew that was your grade and your age was gone to soon. Now I was not friends with this person but he had a lot of friends.  He was a wild kid and made himself known.  Still he did not deserve this fate.  I remember he was tall, and had these beautiful baby blues. He always had a girl on his arm.  Every one knew him. Last night I read a friends post and just like that I read he was gone. I could not believe it. This is how I found out. I wish peace for him and his family.  I hope now he is at peace. I am not sure how it happened but the point is it did and it is sad. He had a brother and I am sure he had a family. Right now they are all in shock of this young mans death.  Anyone that leaves to soon it is a terrible tragedy.  We have to take care of ourselves. So here is to Chris may you be  at peace and watch over all of us.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Planning a Wedding

Are you or someone that you know planning on getting married? Are you going to throw a big wedding or a small wedding?  Do you want to have it outside or at a hall?  Are you on a budget? Are you and your fiance paying. Now it has been almost 20 years since my big day and now it is YOUR turn. Maybe you are planning a wedding.  Congratulations if you are.  Were your surprised when he asked?  I hope you were. I know a few people getting married it is so excited to hear about their plans. What they plan on doing , what is in what they no longer do. Some brides to be are fancy and some are just plain casual. This is my opinion you should definitely go with elegant it does not have to be over the top but it should elegant. You should spend what you can and sock any extra toward a home . Again, just my opinion. Your wedding is just one day and Yes it should be very special.  It should not break the budget.  You and your future spouse are taking a huge leap of faith.  You are trusting in each other to start a new phase of life together.  I am sure things have changed since I got married.  Everyone wants different things. A wedding is planned according to money and taste. It is about you and your future spouse. If you are fortunate enough to get financial help well than that is a blessing.  The most important thing is that you are on the same page as your fiance.  I have been to some nice weddings , some okay weddings, and some really nice weddings.  It is not about what I like but about the couple.  They are the ones in love and going on to the next chapter of their lives.  How did he propose or maybe she did? Were you surprised? Do you remember what he or she said to you or how they said it?  It was a long time ago for me but my husband said, Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife? Words you do not forget. I am sure you remember and I am sure you always will. I wish every future couple all the best. I would love to hear about your wedding planning. Let me know and Good luck. Now onto the next life lesson.

Are you a Procrastinator?

Do you put things off to the last possible minute? Are you disorganized? Do you know how to manage your time? I like to get things done and get them done right. I like to know that I have all my ducks in a row. I like to know that I have accomplished my tasks for the day. I  love routine. I like to follow a schedule. I have been a stay at home Mom for a long time. I have always had a routine with my kids. My morning routine is my busiest. When my oldest has a cheer game it is a hectic evening. When she has to work we have to juggle dinner. I could never be a procrastinator. It would never work. I do not know how some put off paying bills, or are late for work, or just put things off until the 11th hour? Can you put things off til the 11th hour? Do you get stressed if you do not get things done? I know I do. I do the same thing every morning now I will not bore you with the details but I do. I do everything for the kids first and then I write my blog and then workout.  It feels good to know I have done at least one or two things for me. My blog is for me and my work out.  My kids come first and that is the way it is.   What things do you put off? Do you put off school work? Do you put off getting gas in your car? Oh. that would drive me nuts. I like a full tank. Either way I am sure somehow you get it all done but wouldn’t it be nice to get it done early? Are you always running late because you procrastinate?  I like to be early or on time. I have always been like that. My parents were like that. I guess that is why I do it. Which is good because then it gives me time to get organized. It is not to late to become organized you can make a schedule in your phone or have one visible in your house so that you know what you have to do and you follow it. The more you follow it the less you may procrastinate. Think about it you know it is a good idea. Mark in your phone when bills are due, when you have meetings for work, or when school projects are due.  If you think about it will help you manage your time . Let me know what you put off. I want to know if you turned over a new leaf and became organized and how you feel now? Is it better or worse?  Just try it you never know it could change your life. Good luck with it. Now onto the next life lesson.

Are you a risk taker?

Do you take risks often? Are you someone that would invest money in something you believed in?  Or are you always playing it safe? I think the risk takers were born to take risks. I think people do fail but some really succeed. I guess if no one was a risk taker we would not have all of these companies  in this country. I mean what if Steve Jobs did not create Apple? Would we still have Mac computers and I phones? I mean think about it. What if Bill Gates did not drop out of Harvard and create Microsoft? Would someone else have thought of it?  What if Columbus said, Forget it I am not going on that boat today? Just imagine if none of those people had set out to do what they had accomplished. I think there are certain people meant to do certain things.  It is good that all of that happened and they took a chance.  Would you have done that?  I think I play it safe If I do not know about something I will not take a chance.  I do not think I am the risk taker. Are you a play it safe person? What would you risk and how much?  Think about everything you have would you risk it all if someone said I have an idea that would make billions?  I do not think I would risk everything maybe a little bit and make  some money. Money is a very powerful tool. It can cause a lot of fights and end horrible or it can make your life easier.  The world is about making money giving US opportunities.  Have you ever been asked to invest and declined and it was a great idea and worked? Or have you invested and it failed?  I would do my research and find out about it.  I have been asked in the past but I declined have not heard anything so I guess I am glad I passed.  If you are a risk taker what have you risked ? What was it for? Was it successful? I hope it was a huge success. Scary to think about if you do invest and it fails then what? Maybe you try again.  Think about all of those people that took those risks and made it. It says a lot about them they had guts and they were determined and they believed.  I think you can do anything you put your mind to. Good luck on your risk taking. I would love to hear about it.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Stand Still

I feel like lately things are at a stand still. I feel like when I am waiting to hear about something it takes forever. Why is that? I feel like I have so many things hanging over my heard. I just want them to be done.  It feels like nothing is moving and things are stagnant.  This is not a good feeling to have.  I have a few things hanging over my head  I cannot wait til they are lifted off of my shoulders.  I just continue to pray and believe and maybe God will make it work.  I was never really a religious person but I always found myself talking to god in good times and in bad. I never realized how much it helped until I got older.  I  let things get to me until they are resolved. I have to have things fall into place to feel relaxed. It is hard having things hang over your head.  Do you get stressed? Do you have anxiety? Are you going through some rough times?  How do you handle your stress ?  I would love to know.  Sometimes we just need to take sit down and take a deep breath. I think if you live in North east people are more stressed. You need to make more money., commute more, and spend more. I know that is fact I have my friends who are still living and working in the city.  I wonder what it would take for them to pack up and go south. I joke and I have complained in the past about living South but the cost of living is less.  I am spending less, my kids are growing up with other kids, and having fun, and the the schools are great. What else can I ask for?  I am not waiting for the heart attack. Even though I have some things hanging over my head I can sit on my swing on my front porch and pray or just listen to the silence. I do not hear ambulances, police, or fire trucks, or even someone blowing their horn yelling profanity. I just hear nothing and you can put a price tag on that.  When you are used to a certain way you are afraid to try something new.  You get set in your ways as you get older.  Once you find your way and settle in home is home and is how you care for it that makes all the difference. I hope and pray things move along.  Pray with me and send me some positive thoughts. Thank you. Now onto the next life lesson.

You and your food

Let’s face it we all need to eat. How do you eat? Are you health conscious? Do you love junk food? What is your favorite food?  I think I eat stuff that I like. I try to eat in moderation.  I do not have the patience to read every label and think about how I am going to eat it. I just pick healthy things and dig in.  What about you? Are you a label reader? Have you changed your lifestyle? How is it that you did that? I get it you want to eat healthy and you made a choice.   a huge step in the right direction. I find that if I control my portions and exercise it works for me . I can slowly change my lifestyle. I cannot just do something cold turkey I believe in gradual and one day at a time.  How did you do it?  How much has it changed YOU ?  Do you feel better you cut certain foods out? Do you feel less tired? I will tell you that since exercising and doing what I am doing it works.  If it did not work I would change it.  What would you do differently ? How do you eat?  I would love to hear your methods and ways of eating.  In the meantime Bon Appetit.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Good News

I love to hear good news don’t you? I love to hear that people are doing well and happy.  Saturday night I heard some good news. A young man I have known since before he was born proposed to his girl friend.  This young man is the same little boy who loved to touch wires and play baseball. I still see this young man in that way. However, now he has grown up into a fine young man. How do you react when you hear something about someone who was once a little girl or boy you watched grow up?  You heard all the stories of baseball games, a few temper tantrums, and received school pictures of them growing up. As we get older we imagine those young people just how we remember them. If you are lucky enough to find your true love than hold onto them. It is so rare to see honest and true young love. I consider this now young man to be very lucky he has the support of his wonderful parents and even just as wonderful if not more grandparents. I wish I had that 20 years ago.  That is for another blog. I am so happy to hear this good news. On a different scale of good news I heard my daughter’s very good friend got into her first University.  Each of these young people are started their next beginning in life. I saw this young man as a baby that was the first of many beginnings.  From the bottom of my heart I wish J and R nothing but good health, happiness, and lifetime of laughs.  And to K I wish you all the best in your next chapter. I know you will make an excellent Pediatric Oncologist.  God is so good.  Live, Love, and laugh. Now onto the next life lesson.

Simply Grateful

Sometimes it is the simple things that make our everyday feel special. Just recently my laptop crashed and it seemed like the end of the world. Luckily. I have a great friend who is a computer genius who fixed it and I am forever grateful to her. If it was not for her I would still be blogging on my phone not the end of the world but I prefer my laptop.  Also my book SOMEDAY might have been NEVER. I am so thankful for this . I love to write and gives me such pleasure to do it. I feel like I am totally myself and I can just get lost in a story or become who ever I want for just a little bit.  What are you grateful for? What gives you the time you need to be what you want to be?  Are you creative? Do you write or paint? Whatever you do in life I hope it is what you love . What we do makes us or breaks us. I hope it makes who you want to be.  Always do what you love. Now onto the next life lesson

Are they the good old days?

Let me ask you while you were growing up were they the good old days? Do you have lots of good memories? What era did you grow up? Who was President? What was school like? Did you like it? What styles were in? I remember Ronald Reagan was President, times were good. He did a lot of good. Florescent was in style, and we had the best TV shows. Growing up 70’s and 80’s was simple. There were no cell phones, there was no internet. You had to use a pay phone and do research at the library. Sorry millenials no Google. Kids played outside and video games were in its infancy. It was fun growing up back then. Kids today would be lost. They have it way to easy. It’s not their fault times change. Would you go back if you could? Go back to how it was if you could? In some ways I would. Easier can be better . Technology can be good and bad. Well think about it let me know. What would you take with you from today to bring to the past and use? What would you take from the past and bring back now? Or would you leave it as is? I think they were the good old days do you? Now onto the next life lesson.

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