Are you or someone that you know planning on getting married? Are you going to throw a big wedding or a small wedding?  Do you want to have it outside or at a hall?  Are you on a budget? Are you and your fiance paying. Now it has been almost 20 years since my big day and now it is YOUR turn. Maybe you are planning a wedding.  Congratulations if you are.  Were your surprised when he asked?  I hope you were. I know a few people getting married it is so excited to hear about their plans. What they plan on doing , what is in what they no longer do. Some brides to be are fancy and some are just plain casual. This is my opinion you should definitely go with elegant it does not have to be over the top but it should elegant. You should spend what you can and sock any extra toward a home . Again, just my opinion. Your wedding is just one day and Yes it should be very special.  It should not break the budget.  You and your future spouse are taking a huge leap of faith.  You are trusting in each other to start a new phase of life together.  I am sure things have changed since I got married.  Everyone wants different things. A wedding is planned according to money and taste. It is about you and your future spouse. If you are fortunate enough to get financial help well than that is a blessing.  The most important thing is that you are on the same page as your fiance.  I have been to some nice weddings , some okay weddings, and some really nice weddings.  It is not about what I like but about the couple.  They are the ones in love and going on to the next chapter of their lives.  How did he propose or maybe she did? Were you surprised? Do you remember what he or she said to you or how they said it?  It was a long time ago for me but my husband said, Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife? Words you do not forget. I am sure you remember and I am sure you always will. I wish every future couple all the best. I would love to hear about your wedding planning. Let me know and Good luck. Now onto the next life lesson.