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The house

I grew up in two homes. Up until 11 years old I lived in one house than due to unfortunate circumstances I had to move to another house which I spent my teenage years and part adulthood. I have a lot of good and bad memories in that house. I studied for a lot of tests in my lavender room. I got ready for a lot of fun nights in that room. I also had a lot of tears in that room. Great unforgettable phone conversations, and again lots of tears and some laughter. Now my Dad is gone a month today (no 31st in April) and my brother has been told the new people want the house. No matter how long I haven’t lived there it will always be known as 35 or my Dad’s place. My brother said it was bitter sweet and in a way maybe he is right.I hope a nice family moves in and cooks great meals, has a lot of laughter, and fixes it up so it is really their house. It has not been my house in a very long time. Dad’s spirit will always be around that house. Even though the house and my Dad are gone . No one can take my memories. Those are not for sale. Have you ever moved away? Do your parents still live in your childhood home? How would you feel if you had to sell it? You would walk through that house and replay all the memories in your head. You would look at it differently. You would shed tears and shut the lights and walk out but not without stopping turning around and saying one last goodbye to your childhood. Now onto the next life lesson

Do you have the right to choose to die?

If you become a vegetable as they say and are suffering do you have the right to take those steps to just die? I just read an article by someone we will refer to as S. S feels we have the right to end life. Honestly, when it is our time God should make that call. If we are suffering that much than God will take us. I do not believe it should be controlled by anyone. When it is our time it’s our time. Now no one should suffer by any means. I truly believe God should handle life and death. If anyone assists in anyway that is not natural. None of us know when we will die and that is how it should be. After all we are all in God’s hands. I hate writing controversial blogs I normally don’t but this article really steamed me up. I do not believe under any circumstances that anyone should help anyone die. It will happen quickly if need be. Selfishly loved ones need a little more time. I understand they are in pain. However once you are gone and with God you are no longer in pain. If you are still on this earth that is a part of life and death. I would not want any pain. I know most people don’t. I believe that God will take care of all of that. Life and death are a process. It is not up to humans to decide when we leave this earth. Everyone should be at peace once they go. We all have our beliefs. We may disagree but we should respect each other’s beliefs. Now onto the next life lesson.


You know all about opinions. Everyone has one . It could be just about anything and someone will have an opinion on it. You know the saying.. I won’t say it. I try and hold onto my opinions unless I am asked or if I am close enough with the person I may share it. Sometimes it is so insignificant that I just keep it to myself. BUT when shopping with a friend I will always be honest on how something looks. That is important. You don’t want someone to waste hard earned money on something they look terrible in. When you buy something you want to feel good and be excited to wear it. I love that feeling. So what is your opinion? What do you like to comment about? Do you know someone who is opinionated? We all do. I knew someone but she has passed we will call her B. She was VERY opinionated. Either way we don’t have to take them seriously. After all opinions work both ways. You never want to hurt someone’s feelings but you should be fair and honest. Always make a suggestion whenever possible and never let them buy something hideous. Always give choices. They may not see all the colors or styles. You could suggest something that could be their favorite. You never know. The world has so much to offer. Think positive and keep listening. Now onto the next life lesson.

Your Person

Do you have a person in your life that you trust completely? Do you have that person you can call at anytime? If you do consider yourself to be very lucky. Do you have that person who can always tell you the truth? There is someone for everyone in this world. I believe we have two soulmates . We have a romantic soulmate and a friendship one. Either way we have connections to other people. Some we click with and some we don’t. Is your person of the opposite sex? Have you crossed that line between more than friends? How did it happen? How did you meet? I know I ask a lot of questions. It is important to know because this person is your life person. A person who you will trust with many personal things. If you haven’t found your person you will. Be ready for the journey. Search for that person or they could be right under your nose. Open your heart and your eyes. You will see it will all be worth it. Now onto the next life lesson


What are your dreams? Everyone has dreams some are big and some are even bigger. There is no such thing as a small dream. We all have things we want to accomplish in our lives. We want to make things happen. We want success all around. It is not just about your career. It is about the person you are, the friend you are, and the parent you are. If you are a parent. It is about being a successful person . Following your heart and being determined. Are you a success at life? Do you want to pursue your dream? What are your dreams? Maybe you want to be a nurse or a veterinarian. Maybe you want to work with special needs children. Maybe you want to be a writer. I know I need to continue my dream and edit my novel. I choose success all around. How about you? Don’t let anyone hold you back. Now onto the next life lesson.


My Dad used to say They died laughing. He meant his patience did. He took really excellent care of them. He made sure they were always laughing. He kept his sense of humor till he left this earth. His presence was so powerful. It is hard to imagine life without my Dad. I am trying to laugh and smile each day. Have you suffered a loss? How do you keep laughing? My Dad would not want me to be upset. Easier said than done. He said to my husband just don’t forget me. Now that’s impossible. I will still shed tears, laugh, and remember him. I will live my life and be the best ME I can be. How do you deal with loss? Any suggestions? Hints? I know time heals all wounds. This is a BIG wound. I can’t laugh as much right now. I can try but behind the laughter are tears . The tears keep coming. How do you keep smiling? All I can say is I know I am taking the right steps but I still feel lost. There is a big hole in my heart right now. I wish I had done more. I miss him terribly. I hope he died laughing. Now onto the next life lesson.


We all need that quiet time in our busy lives. We need that time to just sit and forget all about the every day. We can pray, talk to God, or just choose to sit in silence. The important thing is we do it. We all need that quiet. The time where it is just you and God. You choose the time and place. All you have to do is sit close your eyes and be silent. Now that is so easy. It sounds it but sometimes you have your distractions you can’t tune out. You have to learn to do that. Either way go have a seat, find a quiet spot, and be one with God and your prayers. Do you pray? Do you talk to God? God is always there for us. Go ahead try it. Let me know if it made a difference after a week or two. Sit, pray, silence. Now onto the next life lesson.

Night time

I think after you lose someone you love night time is the hardest. Maybe you would always call and say goodnight. Maybe when you were little they read you a story. Whatever the reason night time is usually quiet, less busy and a time to rest. Last night I got very upset about my Dad. I even called the house number. It actually worked. I felt like leaving a message just to say hello. I talk to God and I say I leave it in your hands. I know God didn’t take him the cancer did. #cancersucks. And just to let my readers know my Dad came up with that. He even had bumper stickers made. I miss him. I hope he knows that I love him. It feels like I am walking around with an empty hole in my heart. The reality is he is gone. My mind says so my heart says no. Have you ever felt like this? Have you experienced grief? And if you have a dog they help you more than you know. Every day is a new day. Remember to love and remember the ones not here. Now onto the next life lesson.


As a child I was told always respect your elders. Respect is earned not given. I have taught my kids to be respectful. I want them to grow up to be strong women. I want others to respect them. I hope in the future people do. I sometimes feel defeated. I feel like I always have to suit up for battle. I ask simple things and yet some keeping doing whatever they want. This makes me sad. I feel like my feelings are a joke. I should NOT have to feel like this. I am tired and sad. Have you ever felt this way? Are you tired of it? Who has made you feel this way? I am strong but I am tired. I pray the sadness goes away. I deserve respect I have earned that. Have you been respectful? Think about the people in your life? How do they treat you? When you ask them not to do something do they do it anyway? I hope and pray for someone to start listening. It makes me sad. Now onto the next life lesson.

Good finds

Ever find something in the store and you like so much you wish you bought two of them?  I do all the time. I try and find it in other colors if if is clothing, a purse or shoes. However, I found something so small and helpful I wish I had bought two.  I found this journal at the dollar store . It is perfect it has a velcro flap on it and it is so easy and convenient. I found it at the perfect time right before my Dad died I started writing it.  Even when I read that sentence it just doesn’t seem like it is true.  I have been writing in every day.  I thought I would stop once he passed but I guess I have a lot to say. Have you ever found something like this? Next time you go to shopping and you like something find it in another color or get two of something . Put one away and then when you find it it will feel like your birthday or Christmas.  It is just something to add a smile to your face. I think I will take my own advice. How about you?  Go out there and find your good find.  You will make you day. Or buy one for you and one for a friend or loved one.  Make someone smile.  Happy Shopping.  I know a friend of mine just went on a shopping spree with her mom.  I cannot wait to hear about it. Maybe she found some good finds.  So to my friends G and my loyal fan and friend T go out there and find your good finds. You know who you are.  Now onto the next life lesson.

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