You know all about opinions. Everyone has one . It could be just about anything and someone will have an opinion on it. You know the saying.. I won’t say it. I try and hold onto my opinions unless I am asked or if I am close enough with the person I may share it. Sometimes it is so insignificant that I just keep it to myself. BUT when shopping with a friend I will always be honest on how something looks. That is important. You don’t want someone to waste hard earned money on something they look terrible in. When you buy something you want to feel good and be excited to wear it. I love that feeling. So what is your opinion? What do you like to comment about? Do you know someone who is opinionated? We all do. I knew someone but she has passed we will call her B. She was VERY opinionated. Either way we don’t have to take them seriously. After all opinions work both ways. You never want to hurt someone’s feelings but you should be fair and honest. Always make a suggestion whenever possible and never let them buy something hideous. Always give choices. They may not see all the colors or styles. You could suggest something that could be their favorite. You never know. The world has so much to offer. Think positive and keep listening. Now onto the next life lesson.