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Blog 400

Yes, this marks 400th blog since I started writing. Let’s think about all of the blogs I put out there. Which is your favorite? Do you have a favorite? Do you like the blog? If you do than thank you if not that is fine to.  I have so many favorite blogs. I love to write about things that I can relate to. I write about life, my emotions. some fun things and just simply how I feel. I ask you my readers to tell me how you feel. How do you feel today? Are you tired, depressed, happy, angry, frustrated? There are so many emotions that we can feel.  This is the 400th blog and I want to hear from my readers on how you feel today.  What is your day going to be like? How do you start the day? How do you end your day? Do you exercise? Do you read before bed? Are you snuggling with your pet and watching some shows you recorded?  Would you change your routine? Would you rearrange your schedule if it could improve your life? How important is your routine?  I have two routines I have a school routine and a summer one. My summer one is  less strict.  Both have their benefits. I am more relaxed than I am during school.  It is more fun for the kids.  I hope that you are enjoying your summer. Summer fun is the best kind of fun. Let me know about your summer. Be safe out there and make good choices. Now onto the next life lesson.


How is your health? Do you go to the doctor? Are you eating right? Do you exercise? Do you watch your calories? That is a lot of questions. It is also a lot of work to stay fit. It takes dedication and commitment. I do exercise and try to eat right. I know I need to eat better. What is your daily regimen? What do you do to stay fit? Are you a weight lifter? Are you a runner? Do you feel better after you exercise? I can honestly say yes. I feel really good after I exercise. It makes me feel good that I worked on my body. How do you feel after you exercise? Let me know what you do? Maybe I will follow in your footsteps. I do small weights and the treadmill. I have been doing the treadmill more. It feels good to know I worked out each day. Let me know your daily regimen. Keep exercising and stay healthy. Now onto the next life lesson.


Are you ready for summer? Are you out of school? What are your summer plans? Are you going away? Are your kids going to camp or getting a job? I have some of the best memories of summer. I traveled, worked as a counselor, went to the beach. I love the summer. It is a more relaxed routine for me and the kids. What are your favorite memories of summer? I would love to hear about your summers. Are you going somewhere new? Have you had a summer romance? All teenagers should have that one love. Who was your first love? There is nothing like a summer romance. Okay maybe that’s personal. It is your special memory. Remember summer. Now onto the next life lesson.


Yesterday I went through the few things we took back from my Dad’s house. I read some cards, looked through pictures, and threw stuff out. I have some paintings that I inherited. I want to sell them. All of this stuff he kept. I have so many pictures of my girls, me, and a few of my mom. The boxes are gone and so is my Dad. So now what is next? What do I do next? Where do I go from here? Have you done this? Did you clean out a loved ones house? What did you do? Did you keep anything? Truthfully, I didn’t want anything. All I really want is peace. I hope I find it or it finds me. Did you find peace? Are you at peace now? I pray I do. Now onto the next life lesson.


Are you graduating? Do you know someone who is? Today my youngest daughter is graduating Elementary school. I am so proud of her. She has made so much progress. Now it’s off to middle school. This is a big step. I know that she will continue to succeed. Let’s call her I. I have no doubt that I will continue to grow and become the best she can be. It seems like yesterday she was going to pre school and then kindergarten. Time waits for no one. Today is the next step. I am so very very proud of her. Who do you know that is graduating? Are you going to attend? I still remember both girls graduation from pre school. It feels like yesterday they took their foot step and now she is taking the next step to middle school. I love I with all my heart. Happy Graduation! Now onto the next life lesson.


Are you money hungry? Do you think about money ? Do you fight about it? If you answered yes than you are being truthful. Money is a tool it can ruin you but it can help you. It is a necessity. We need to survive like oxygen. Some of us are happy just having enough others want more. There is nothing wrong with more. How do you spend it? Do you put some away? Do you eat out a lot? Think about all the money you would save if you didn’t buy that coffee and ate simple at home. You could put all that money into savings. I am not saying never buy coffee just cut back. Make your own and bring it with you. Bring a lunch from home if possible to work. Now imagine you did that for six months. You would look at your bank account and think wow look what I saved. If you are single certainly a lot. If you and your spouse did it you would save double. Go ahead try it. I want to hear how much you saved. Let’s face it for some it’s easier to spend . If we cut back on extra curricular activities think about what you would save. Pay your bills but at the same time you are saving. Instead of every day you go out once a month after you saved. I don’t really drink coffee but I occasionally like to go out to lunch. We all like enjoy a nice lunch. It is fun to spend but more fun to save . You will always have if you save. Just something to think about. Now go make your coffee and take that salad for lunch. Save,Save,Save! Let me know how you do. Now onto the next life lesson.


Life is about choices. The choices you make reflect who you are. What did you decide today? What were your choices? Did you make the right choice? Maybe you decided to change jobs or maybe you decided not to move. I believe God tests us on things to see if we are ready for certain things. We have to struggle sometimes for us to realize is this the right decision. If we feel that it is then we did. If there is an ounce of doubt than we need to re think our choice. We all have goals and dreams we want to achieve and pursue. What are your dreams? Did you make a tough decision recently? I believe everything happens for a reason we may not realize it at the time but when we do it fits together like a puzzle. We know in our hearts we made the right choice. Sometimes life surprises us. Were you surprised today? What were you surprised about? I hope it was good. We only get one life. Life is good live it to the fullest. What do you choose today? Now onto the next life lesson.

Late, on time, or early

Which are you? Are you always late? Do you show up on time? Or are you early? I am early or on time. I cannot stand to be late. It throws my routine off. Since I am always early or on time I don’t have to worry. Sometimes people in your life are always late. You have to accept it or tell them it starts an hour earlier. What if you are late for work? You can lose your job. Then what? It is amazing how many things depend on time. Pretty much everything does. Work, school, travel, cooking, and life. We always need to be somewhere at a certain time. I like knowing I am early I can set up if I have to and look around for emergency exits if need be. I have to have a plan. I need that routine to follow. I need to know I have accomplished something. I need to know I am reliable. I want people to know that they can depend on me. If you are early or on time than you are hired. If you are late adjust your schedule. Learn to be on time after all you might miss something important. You may cause others to miss something important. Everything depends on time. You can’t adjust it but you can adjust your life and your schedule. Try it and I know you will love being on time. Oh great you’re here. Let’s get started. Now onto the next life lesson.

Talking out loud

When someone dies we always have more to say. We wish we had said this to them or that to them. How can we tell them now that they are gone? I know what helps me is I talk out loud to my Dad. When I have a quiet moment and I am by myself I talk to him.  Look at this way he can’t yell at me and he can’t answer back if he does not agree. It helps me the one still here getting over the loss.  I can tell him anything and once I am finished I feel better.  I feel like I told him what I needed to and I know God is listening and he can share my feelings with my Dad. Yes , I believe in God. I was never religious but it helps to have faith. It helps me to know that the higher power is there to take care of my burdens. Every day I pray and God is listening. If you do not believe than that is what you want. Let others believe.  The world today is so messed up. To many people not letting others share their thoughts because they disagree. I say to bad that is my thought and I have a right to my thoughts. Just like talking out loud to my Dad I have the right to say how I feel.  I can be angry, I can be sad, and I can laugh.  For someone with such a big presence I just cannot believe he is gone.  I think a piece of me died with him. One day at a time. One life to live.  Peace is out there I just need to find it.  I have to go through all these stages of grief. I am tired of feeling alone and sad.  When does it end? Do not answer that I have to figure that out. To all that have lost someone try out what I said talk out loud. Let me know how it goes. I want to hear from you my readers.  I was told by a friend  May is mental health month.  Thanks CB. Please reach out to friends that may need a friend.  Be there for them let them talk out loud. I am here I will listen. Know that someone is there for you.  Listen, pray and talk out loud. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Queen

I gave this woman I will call M this nickname because it fit her perfectly. Everyone loved the queen. Do you know the person who loved her the most? Yes, my father. This woman was everything to him. When she passed away part of him died too. Her family loved her , her friends loved her, the whole world loved her. My Dad was never the same after that. I spoke to him every night after it happened. He put on a facade because he thought I didn’t know but I did. I was not a fan of the Queen. I showed her respect but the Queen came between me and my Dad. If the Queen said the sky was purple than it was. She walked around like a Queen. She was always greeting people, and laughing, eating, and talking to the people. Even her hairdresser went to the funeral. People were devastated. I did feel bad for my Dad. I know he loved more than anyone. I eventually went off to college, got married and they could just be with themselves. At least the Queen graced me with her presence at my wedding. I will always appreciate that. She wasn’t family to me . She had no obligation to me but she did do the right thing and for that I give her credit. Well, now that my father has passed I am sure they are together. We all have people in our lives we won’t forget, or made us feel a certain way, or were a strong presence that is so true. Whether that is good or bad is up to you. After all of this I just have sadness. Eventually, peace will come. God knows I need it. Now onto the next life lesson.

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