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Sense of Humor

Do you have a sense of humor? Do you like to laugh? Laughing is so good for the soul. If you do not laugh much you are missing out.  Everyone should spend ten minutes  a day laughing. People would be happier and the world would be a better place.  Try it go ahead try to laugh for a ten minutes a day. I bet you are happier and more relaxed. You will smile more and think less about what is bothering you.  People are so stressed out today. People look angry all the time and everyone is in a hurry. Laugh a little and let out all the things that are keeping you from laughing.  Never lose your sense of humor. I think that is why my Dad lived til 85 because he had his sense of humor.  I believe that.  Go ahead try it I think you will love it. Laugh out Loud LOL as they say.  Put your phone down, your laptop down and just laugh. I bet you are a happier person. Let me know if you laughed today. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Are you taking care of YOU?

ONE thing we all have to remember and do is to take care of ourselves. Acknowledge that we need appreciation from ourselves. When we do something to help ourselves we need to pat ourselves on the back. I have a habit of always worrying about what I did wrong and what I could do better. I never take the time out to thank myself ever. Part of that is how my childhood was. I could not do anything right. Sometimes I still feel that way. I hate feeling that way. I need to work on being positive about myself and thinking positive about myself. I was told to keep a gratitude journal. I started one yesterday. Are you taking time for YOU! Do you have a journal? Do you take care of YOU? I am always hearing the critical voice and not the thankful and grateful voice. This person that suggested all of this we will call Mom J. Mom J really listens and pins point exactly the advice you need. She is a healer and a very wise woman. Thank you Mom J. I will find that gratitude voice. It is there within me I just have to listen for it. I have so many worries and fears that they take over my brain. My brain is exhausted by the end of the day. How do you handle things? What are your ways of calming down? I want to hear from you. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

The word Can’t

Has anyone ever told you can’t do something? Isn’t that frustrating? I bet it is. I have heard it many times and it only makes  me want to show them I can. YOU can do anything you set your mind to. Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot do something. It only means they are jealous. They are jealous of you and how great you are. They are not good people and do not have anything nice to say. Stay away from those people. They are not worth your time.  If you put yourself with good people you will have a good life. If you have a positive attitude than you will have good things happen. Do not listen to the don’ts or the can’ts  You are the doer and the can.   The don’ts and can’ts won’t change. They are stuck where they are. You will grow and change and conquer. You got this and NEVER say can’t because you can. Now onto the next life lesson.


Are you good at making decisions? Do you change your mind often? Do you list the pros and the cons? I take my time with certain decisions especially if it involves a lot of money. We make small decisions every day. What to wear , what to eat, what to drink. Those are all simple decisions.  it is those BIG decisions that you really have to  think is it worth it?  Right now I have a decision to make and I am not sure if I should do it.  It something I have never done before but I think it will be good for everyone.  What would you do? I am tired of talking about it.  So here it is we are thinking of expanding our patio.  It is going to cost a lot of money. I am not sure I should spend it.  Would you? Would you spend the money?  I am curious let me know what you would do. It would be fun to sit outside and chill and be with the whole family. It would be a nice change from sitting around inside and watching TV. What would you do? I need some opinions.  Leave them in the comments. Thank you for reading my blog. What is your decision today?  Now onto the next life lesson.


How do you handle stress? What do you do? Do you exercise? Do you eat? I try and take some deep breaths when I am stressed. It helps sometimes but the stress is still there. What are you stressed about? What makes you angry? Stress is so common and it seems to build up among people. I think the people that live in the Northeast are the most stressed. They have a very high cost of living, they need to make a lot of money, and they even drive angry. I have seen it. I live where it does not cost that much to live and I am a little less stressed. This was my husband’s s choice I did not want to move. However, it took years and years before I got used to it. We finally moved to a place that I love. All I need is my friends from those other places and it would be perfect. Do not get me wrong I have made great friends here but I miss my one best friend the most. We talk about but it is not the same as sitting there with her and laughing. We have the best time and I could feel the stress leaving my body. It has been awhile. Either way we all have stress it just depends on what level of stress you have. Find an activity to boost your happiness. Join a club or a gym. Find away to work through your stress. Let me know what you do. Share your ideas. I think stress free is the way to be. It takes work. Hard work pays off. Find some ME time. Now onto the next life lesson.

Father’s Day

This was a tough one. The first Father’s Day without my Dad.  It was weird not seeing him or talking to him on the phone. I couldn’t even send a card. I was sad really sad. I wonder how S got through it. I bet it was tough for him.  Today I see a woman we will call C. C has been really helpful, It has been a while since I have seen her. Today we have a lot to talk about.  I am looking forward to it. I have not had a chance to really talk about it in a few weeks.  We started a tradition we will now eat chocolate ice cream on Father’s Day and his birthday.  I know how he loved it. The house is sold and that was the last chapter it is final there is no more Dad’s house. No more 35. It now belongs to new people who will make it happy and beautiful.  I am happy for them.   Have you lost a loved one? Did you sell their house? How did you feel? Were you sad? Was it bittersweet?  As always thank you for reading my blog.  Remember who is no longer here and make new memories with the ones you love who are here on earth.  Now onto the next life lesson.


We love to go away on vacation. Everyone needs some down time. No matter where you choose to go find some fun, do something different, but find some down time. Whether you sit and pray, read a book, or chill with Netflix. Down time is so important. Enjoy your time with friends and family. Meet new people, socialize you will live longer as you get older. Be the best YOU! When you get back from vacation you should be relaxed. You should not be stressed or worried. If you are you need another vacation. Take time out for YOU! Relax and enjoy. Where is your favorite place to go? Do you go to the same place? We have our favorite places. What are yours? Let me know. In the meantime enjoy and relax you deserve it. Now onto the next life lesson.


If you have a pet that you know they become family. They are loyal and they love you no matter what. They don’t judge you they just love you for who you are. We love them and care for them. They become our whole world. Do you have a pet? What kind? Are you a dog person or a cat person. Either way our pets are there to greet us when we come home from a long day they have been known to relieve stress. We dedicate our lives to our pets and why not they do for us . So love and appreciate your pet. This blog is dedicated to Ollie. You were a great dog to my Aunt. Thank you to all pets who make us smile. Now onto the next life lesson.


It was the first Father’s Day without my Dad. It was hard and it was sad. In the morning I had a good cry. It is never easy when we lose someone we love. I miss him terribly. The night before I thought of something we could do to honor him. We ate chocolate ice cream and raised our spoons. It was nice and the ice cream was delicious. We will continue that tradition on Father’s Day and his Birthday. What do you do in someone’s memory? What traditions do you have? Let me hear from you. All in all it was a nice day. I just wish we could have been with my Dad. He is in our hearts. Before he died he said, ” Don’t be upset and don’t forget me.” Words I will never forget. Love you Dad. Always remember your loved ones. Now onto the next life lesson.


Have you ever had someone pass and then send you some kind of a sign? For example maybe they loved the color orange and you suddenly you saw a bright orange car. I think that is their way of saying hello.  It sounds strange but it’s true.  Things happen like that all the time. I believe our loved ones are watching over us. Even though they may have suffered they still miss us.  I believe in all of that. For example my Dad had quite the sense of humor. One day I called him up and said,  Hey what’s up and he replied Up yours!” We laughed and laughed. I just saw picture of birds looking up at the sky and the caption read What’s up? Now I never said that to my dad that was a first.  I always said, How are you doing? I believe that it was his way of saying hi to me. I know it was because it was out of the blue and it was funny.  Do you ever get signs from someone? What have they done to say hello? One day my Dad walked into a supermarket and saw Jelly donuts and he got upset because it made him think of M. M was his everything , I said do not be upset she was saying hi. He actually said, he liked that. Small miracles do happen.   I want to hear from you what stories do you have? Who said hello?  Remember they love you and they are watching. Now onto the next life lesson.

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