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Pet Peeves

What is your pet peeve? What are some things that really bother you. I have a few pet peeves. I do not like to see a empty paper towel roll, empty toilet paper roll, and a small dissolving bar of soap in the shower. I like everything to be fresh and new and full. I hate clutter around. Every day I go through stuff either in the fridge or the counter and I toss it.  I like clean and clear. I also do not like it when my gas tank is not full. I never wait til it is almost empty that drives me nuts. I do not like dishes in the sink .  I never have a full sink of dirty dishes. I like a clean house and things that are in it’s place. What are you pet peeves? What are things that get under your skin? Are you a clutter bug? Do you save everything? Every three to six months I go through stuff I either donate it or toss it. If I have not used it I do not need it. Why clutter up your home? It should be neat and comfortable.  I just like things a certain way. It is nice to know where everything is and to know there is a place for it. Do you have a place for your things? Are they lying around  ? Get baskets or organizers and have a place for your stuff. It is so easy to be organized you just have to make an effort. So go ahead go clean up. Now onto the next life lesson.

Do you have a Hobby?

Do you have a hobby? What is your hobby? Do you fish,  play golf, knit. paint? What do you like to do in your spare time? Wait, you have spare time? Who has spare time? Maybe someone that is retired and paid their dues through life.  I am interested in knowing your hobby and how you began to like it? I do like to paint but I never have the chance.  How long have you had your hobby? Hobbies are things people should enjoy.  It should be relaxing and enjoyable.  Maybe you belong to a sports league. Maybe you like to hike. Whatever it is I hope you enjoy it. I am way to routine oriented and busy for a hobby. Maybe later in life when my kids are grown I can make the time.  You have to make time for yourself.  We all need space and privacy. We also need family and people we trust. Do you have a big family? Do you enjoy life to the fullest? I always say live, love, and laugh. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Family Table

Do you have dinner with your family? Or are you always running around no one has the same schedule or time to eat together. I can tell you that is horrible. The family table is just what is says the family table. A place to sit down and have your meal as all together, You sit down and share your day with your family. It is a time for everyone to see each other and enjoy each others company.  I know we are all busy but we only have one life and one family.  When your kids are grown they will know to do the same thing. Sunday dinner is a great time to sit and eat no school, no work , and no activity it is a day with family.  So dust off those cookbooks if it has been awhile and prepare a meal with the family. Maybe have everyone help this way it is a team effort . It is something you did together and when you are done you sit down as a family thank god and break some bread. So go gather up the family and enjoy a nice meal. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Are predictable or spontaneous?

The question is are you predictable or spontaneous? Do you plan everything or do you take  chance? Do you like to do things on a whim? Do you plan out your whole day? Do you have a routine? I am a planner I like to know what is going on especially with my kids. We have a school routine and a summer routine. I love my summer routine. It is definitely more relaxed.  School routine  starts at the time I wake up til the time I pick them up. I schedule things around school. For the past three years I was working on my novel titled SOMEDAY.  I am finally done. What will I do next? I am not sure. I do not really have any ideas yet.   We have a strict routine during school early rise and early bedtime.  Summer routine is camp and work for my older daughter. She does work during the school year but her hours are shorter. I love the fact she is learning responsibility.  I wish I could be spontaneous but my life does not allow that.  I believe in living life to the fullest. I have a few stresses that sometimes eat me up inside. One day at a time. It is almost back to school and time for that routine to begin.  In the meantime I want to enjoy the rest of the summer routine. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.


Do you like surprises? Do you like to be surprised? Do you like unexpected things? I guess it depends on what type of surprise it is.  Surprise I painted the living room orange would not be a good surprise. Surprise I won the lottery would be a great surprise! It really depends on what the actual surprise is.  Surprise we are going on vacation! The surprise vacation could be bad timing however, it could be good timing. Surprise has many variables. Some people are strict planners and do not like to be surprised.  It is fun once in awhile to get a little gift or a little surprise. For example : I bought that new purse I know you love with the matching wallet now that is a great surprise.  Flowers are always a great surprise . Who doesn’t like receiving flowers ? I love flowers.   Are you ever surprised by flowers? Do you love flowers? Which are your favorite? I love yellow roses. They are my favorite. There are people who do like to be surprised and people who do not. Or how about a surprise party? I do not like surprises like that. I am not really a surprise party person.  I prefer just to be with my family. I like to go to other parties just not my own.  How about you do like parties for you?  They are fun I just do not like being the center of attention.  How about you? Either way we all have our likes and dislikes. I want to hear from you. Did you have a surprise party ? Were you surprised? Let me know your story. Now onto the next life lesson.


I love when I see people helping others. I love when people come together.  I admire those who served this great country. If you love this country and you respect it you are a patriot.  Those who fought for our freedom and sacrificed their lives they are true patriots.  When I was in school I was honored to stand up face the flag and say the pledge of Allegiance .  Being an American is the best feeling in the world. I love when I see military people out eating with their families  and having a nice time. I love the people who love this country. I do not like my flag or my country to be disrespected.  I fly my flag proudly outside my front door.  My Dad was a true patriot he served this country. he ran an Air force base, he helped the sick, and he earned his way to success.  He completed the American Dream.  My ancestors that came over here to Ellis Island and worked hard and became citizens achieved the american dream.  They are patriots. Do you fly  flag outside your home? Do you love America? Are you proud to be an American? I am all of those things. This country is the ONLY country that gives you the true opportunity to make something of yourself and go after your dreams.  When I was a little girl I used to think people in the military had super powers.  They were so strong. All the men were superman and the woman were Wonder Woman.  I do not like it when I see people trying to divide this country. People have some nerve complaining about this great country. Why are you here? If it is so much better at your country than go there.  It is your choice in life to make something of yourself.  Now go do it. Do not listen to the haters.  They only hate themselves. They cannot look in the mirror and smile.   I love this country and I am proud to be an American. I thank God every day and the people that sacrificed for it. Thank you ALL veterans. God bless America and  YOU! Let us Keep America Great!  Now onto the next life lesson.

What’s Next?

Now that I am finally done with my book what is next? I will definitely take some time off and concentrate on other things. I will think about another book however, I want to see how this book does first. I hope it does well. I am very nervous people will not like it. I worked very hard on it and it means a great deal to me. It took me a long time to finish this book. It was about three years in the making. I had a friend help me with the editing and corrections.  It is something I am very proud of. Right now I just want to concentrate on the book that is finally done.  I love the setting, the characters, the story line. I hope people like it as much as I do.  We all have different taste and that is okay. Not everyone will love it.  I love it and it is written with a lot of creativity and imagination. SOMEDAY is now a reality.  Thank you to all those who read this blog and all that have supported me. Now onto the next life lesson.

A small step

I have always loved to write. I think I mentioned that in previous blogs. One day I wrote a children’s book. Fast forward to today I finally finished my novel. It was a long time coming. I worked hard and more importantly, I did not give up. I wanted to but I didn’t. I worked on it for a long time and today it was done. Another chapter in my life completed. If you have a dream go for it. Don’t give up. Keep on going. Now onto the next life lesson.

Book Update

This is HUGE my kindle comes out on July 24th. I am so excited for this opportunity. DO not forget to check out Amazon Kindle  and download my book SOMEDAY !! Now onto the next life lesson.


Love is something we feel that is so powerful. Sometimes it hurts and other times it feels so good.  Love gives us hope and happiness. It is a gift to love. Do you love anyone? You love your family, your spouse, your life. Of course you love. Are you in love? Are you starting out in a relationship ? Are you falling in love? Have you ever been in love? It is the best feeling in the world knowing you love someone and they love you back.  When you hear those words I love you for the first time and how it makes you feel. Do you remember that? Do you remember where you were when you first heard it? I remember I was on my father’s driveway when my now husband said he loved me.  I love you is so powerful.  It means you captured a soul. you love all the things about that person. You are in love you are in it for the long haul. You are in it forever. Love is one of a kind. It makes us laugh, it makes us cry,  and it makes us do silly things. When you are in love it feels like you are the only two people in the universe and everyone else just around you. When you love someone you love with with your whole heart.  There are different kinds of love. You love your parents that is one kind of love, you love your children another kind of love. You love your job , your clothes, a movie. These are all different kinds of love. BUT when you love someone and all the things about them that is a love that is strong and powerful. To love a person is unconditional.  So if you love someone tell them let them hear those words. Look them in the eye and say, “I love you!”  That will make their year. Now onto the next life lesson.

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