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Do you have a Dear Abby?

Who do you ask for your advice? Who do you trust? Is the person a good listener? Do you trust them? All very important questions when asking for advice.  I think people are naturally curious and they will find out stuff just because they are curious.  What do you look for in a friend? Do you have a lot of friends? Are you someone who trusts easily? Again, so many questions.  Do you have a best friend? Are they the person you ask for advice? Are you a good listener? Do your friends ask you for advice?  I think it is very important to be trustworthy and a good listener.  Many people can give advice but is it good advice? Do you follow it? Do you they follow it? Is it financial advice, relationship advice, or just everyday advice?  We all have one person that we trust or vent to for advice. We cannot keep it inside for long we need to let out what is bothering us.  Take a deep breath and think about what you want to say and gather your thoughts and ask your advice to someone that is a good listener and gives good advice.  Let me know how it works out. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Dating Scene

Now it has been awhile and I am just curious about the dating scene.  I am not looking for anyone but I am curious. Is everyone only meeting online? Doesn’t anyone meet anyone the old fashion way by chance or through a friend? What do you do on  a first date? Where do you go? Are you talking face to face or on the phone? Has technology taken over meeting by fate? Is romance dead? Is chivalry dead? Do you meet the girls parents first if you are in high school? Do you bring candy and flowers?  Do you go out to eat?  Maybe you take your date to an amusement park like in the Karate kid. (Great date idea ) Do you go to the movies? What do you look for in a person?  There are so many questions? Do you believe in love at first site? I will tell you my ideal way of meeting someone.  I think you should let fate take over. Leave it to chance.  If you click go out if not you move on. If you click you take your date out for a nice dinner.  You are not on your phone you are talking face to face.  You get to know each other and then if things go well there is a second date. If not NEXT….   To be honest I may want to do a background check and make sure they are not a serial killer.  If you are uncomfortable and your gut says no then do not go.  Always listen to your gut.  Either way always be aware of your surroundings and stay in a well lit area and a public place.  Before you leave for your date always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back . Text that person once you are home from your date.  I know the mom in me  just  kicked in.  You are being cautious there are a lot of nut jobs out there.  Always play it safe.  Oh, and have a good time  if possible.  Happy Dating! Now onto the next life lesson.

Roles we play

We have all different roles in life. We are someone’s child, parent, Aunt, Uncle, Mom, Dad, friend, etc, You get the idea. We all have different roles we need to play in life.  The most important role is playing yourself. You have to take care of yourself in order for all of those roles to function. If you do not take care of yourself mentally and physically you cannot put 100% into those roles that you play in life.  Sometimes we get stressed out and get upset because of someone or something.  This is very hard to do . Some people give heart attacks and some people get them. I want neither. I am choosing to cut out the negative and the things that cause me aggravation. I need to have peace in my life and I will not  have those stresses.  What are your stresses? How do you deal with them? Do you cut out the cancers?  What a great idea to cut out the cancers of your life.  I will continue to pray for peace in my life.  A perfect way to start a day is without ANY negativity or anything that is upsetting. Certain people  cannot be trusted. Life is short and you need to live it to the best that you can.  Remember my blog on the selfish person? That is the person I need to cut out. We will call him C. C is not a good person. He is selfish and causes nothing but problems across the board. Do you have someone like this in your life? If so run the other way. You do NOT need the stress or the cancer.  We all have people in our lives we love too and those people we welcome into our lives. You are NOT welcome if you are selfish, deceitful. or someone who causes pain and hurt in life. Say goodbye to those people. Keep the good ones close by. Now onto the next life lesson.

Standing your Ground

In life we sometimes have to put our foot down and or stand our ground.  As a parent you are responsible for your child. You should be made aware of what is going on in their life and in school.  When you are in the dark that is the most uncomfortable place to be.  You need knowledge and light. When you have to speak up and fight it and a small victory is in sight.  You feel better but still a long way to go. It is the little things that are the big things.  Evidence needs to support the statements. People need to held accountable.  I have fought many battles and It is exhausting. I am tired of going to war.  I will always continue to stand my ground. I am their voice and I will continue to teach them to stand their ground. You want consistency and peace not to much to ask.  If someone has excuse after excuse makes you wonder about what goes on .  It is supposed to be about the kids.  You are supposed to communicate with the parents.  Makes you wonder what are you hiding? What is going on?  I am not going away and I will continue to stand my ground.  Other parents are out there fighting. We will not give up.  If it was your child you would do the same I hope.  I will take the small victory but I want consistency.  What about you ? Would you fight for your kids? Wouldn’t you stand your ground? I know you would.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Things that hang over your head

Do you have things that hang over your head?  Situations or things on your mind that weigh on you? I know I do. Certain things and certain people weigh on me. I do not like that feeling.  It is as uncomfortable as an itchy sweater.  It really bothers me when things hang over my head. I worry about it and worry about it.  Then it gets resolved and I feel like I can breath again. I feel better and then I feel I can move on. I try to avoid things like this.  It is not good to dwell on things and maybe I need to work on that. It is hard not to when it really bothers you.  Either way we need to avoid things like this and try and live without unnecessary conflict. We do not need it. Avoid people that cause problems and try and lead a happy life.  Take care of YOU! There is only one YOU and you need to think about YOU first sometimes. Make yourself healthy and avoid those people. I know I will. Go head try it.  Now onto the next life lesson.


Are you living your life to the fullest? Are you happy? Do you feel you are missing something? What is it that you want to accomplish? Make some goals in your life . They do not have be a 100 goals just start out with 2 goals a day.  Make up your mind and accomplish those goals and the next day set two more goals and continue that until you feel confident enough to start a third goal. When you achieved up to ten goals you celebrate. You celebrate your goals that you have set and achieved. Let me know how good that feels.  Continue to set more and more goals. You can do it I know you can.  Life can be stressful and unexpected things can happen but if we remain focused we can do anything.  Pray, believe, and know your strengths and conquer your fears.  God is with you all the way! You got this now go get it! Life is what you make of it. One day at a time.  Live it to the fullest.  One chance one life. Now onto the next life lesson.


Communication is so important in life. It is something I am very big on. I need to know what is going on and what needs to be done. I am extremely organized and have my routines down to a science. What I need more of is communication with education.  These two things should go hand and hand. I should see daily work, a syllabus, and more of what is going on in school.  I communicate with everyone that needs to know what is going on. My kids know what to do from one moment to the next. I constantly remind them of what the day has in store.  If you do not have communication you are in the dark. The dark is no fun unless you are sleeping.  I need to see things, hear things, and read things. I need to use all of my five senses. Are you a good communicator? Are you someone who delegates and let’s people know the plan? Are you organized? How do you communicate? Do you talk, text, email?  My one thing I ask is to see daily work that my kids do. When I do not see that I do not feel I am part of any team, This is my child and I need to see what is going on so that the education can continue at home.  I finally had enough and sent out my communication and I was specific and I am ready to get what I need. Parents, guardians, etc we need to stand together especially with our kids with special needs.  They cannot be the forgotten children. They need to come first. They deserve the education that they need. Each child needs that learning and growing. How about it are you ready?  Great, now let’s communicate.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Breakfast, the most important meal of your day.

“Eat your breakfast and be quiet.” This is what my Dad used to say to me of course he was kidding but you were not always sure so you were just quiet while you ate just in case. Either way he always made a huge deal over breakfast it is the most important meal of the day. It is like filling your car  up with gas you need gas to keep the car moving and your food is your gas that keeps you alert and awake. I guess he had a point.  Do you eat breakfast? Coffee does not count. I mean a full sit down breakfast.  Every morning my kids eat breakfast. We have a strict morning routine and everyone eats breakfast.  People that eat breakfast are thinner than people that don’t. You need food in your body to keep you going. The food is the fuel like the gas in the car. Do an experiment for three days eat breakfast and see how you feel each day and at the end of three days then skip it and see where you are better off.  I am curious as to what you think. I want to hear from my readers. I bet you are better off with breakfast.  My Dad loved breakfast. He would tell me on the phone what he would cook. I miss that a lot. I miss him a lot.  To all of my readers out there go eat your breakfast and be quiet.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Words on a Page

You see it all the time words on a page. You read it and you process it. What do they mean? What are you reading about? Do you understand what you are reading? Do you like what you are reading? What makes words on a page so interesting? I know I am asking a lot of questions but only because I want to know. I am curious to know your thoughts about what you read. You could be reading an important notice or document. What if you do not understand what you are reading? Who do you ask? Do you hire a high priced lawyer in a suit? No, do your homework and find out. You have access to the whole world on the web. Do your do diligence and do not be lazy or ignorant.  Find out what every word means.  Take notes and keep a journal on your situation. It is so important not to be taken advantage of. Seek the truth and do not give up. Always know what you reading and signing.  Knowledge is power! Now onto the next life lesson.


When is the last time you took a vacation?  Did you have fun? Did you go on a cruise? Did you go to a fun resort? What is your idea of a perfect vacation? Vacations are supposed to be relaxing. You are supposed to unwind and relax. I can relax a little. I enjoy going on vacation but I also like coming home to my bed.  Where did you on your last vacation? Was it with your family, a girlfriend or boyfriend or were you solo?  However you traveled or whomever you went with I hope you made the most of it.  I prefer to sit by a pool and read a book or sleep late. I am always running around so I prefer to do nothing and have people wait on me for once.  Either way I hope that you had fun. Our last vacation we went to Lady Lake, Florida.  We even took my puppy. It was just a last little break before school started.  We all relaxed and had fun.  A few years ago we took a cruise that was fun. I would do that again eventually.  If you  were to pick the perfect vacation where would it be? What would you do? I think I would go to a really nice resort ,  eat good food and relax.  Everyone’s idea of a vacation is different. If you plan to go with another family or person make sure you have the same idea of a vacation. Twice I have been burned.  It was not fun.  Both times I was upfront and honest. A very important lesson learned.  On your next vacation I wish you the best. Now onto the next life lesson.

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