“Eat your breakfast and be quiet.” This is what my Dad used to say to me of course he was kidding but you were not always sure so you were just quiet while you ate just in case. Either way he always made a huge deal over breakfast it is the most important meal of the day. It is like filling your car  up with gas you need gas to keep the car moving and your food is your gas that keeps you alert and awake. I guess he had a point.  Do you eat breakfast? Coffee does not count. I mean a full sit down breakfast.  Every morning my kids eat breakfast. We have a strict morning routine and everyone eats breakfast.  People that eat breakfast are thinner than people that don’t. You need food in your body to keep you going. The food is the fuel like the gas in the car. Do an experiment for three days eat breakfast and see how you feel each day and at the end of three days then skip it and see where you are better off.  I am curious as to what you think. I want to hear from my readers. I bet you are better off with breakfast.  My Dad loved breakfast. He would tell me on the phone what he would cook. I miss that a lot. I miss him a lot.  To all of my readers out there go eat your breakfast and be quiet.  Now onto the next life lesson.