Communication is so important in life. It is something I am very big on. I need to know what is going on and what needs to be done. I am extremely organized and have my routines down to a science. What I need more of is communication with education.  These two things should go hand and hand. I should see daily work, a syllabus, and more of what is going on in school.  I communicate with everyone that needs to know what is going on. My kids know what to do from one moment to the next. I constantly remind them of what the day has in store.  If you do not have communication you are in the dark. The dark is no fun unless you are sleeping.  I need to see things, hear things, and read things. I need to use all of my five senses. Are you a good communicator? Are you someone who delegates and let’s people know the plan? Are you organized? How do you communicate? Do you talk, text, email?  My one thing I ask is to see daily work that my kids do. When I do not see that I do not feel I am part of any team, This is my child and I need to see what is going on so that the education can continue at home.  I finally had enough and sent out my communication and I was specific and I am ready to get what I need. Parents, guardians, etc we need to stand together especially with our kids with special needs.  They cannot be the forgotten children. They need to come first. They deserve the education that they need. Each child needs that learning and growing. How about it are you ready?  Great, now let’s communicate.  Now onto the next life lesson.