Who do you ask for your advice? Who do you trust? Is the person a good listener? Do you trust them? All very important questions when asking for advice.  I think people are naturally curious and they will find out stuff just because they are curious.  What do you look for in a friend? Do you have a lot of friends? Are you someone who trusts easily? Again, so many questions.  Do you have a best friend? Are they the person you ask for advice? Are you a good listener? Do your friends ask you for advice?  I think it is very important to be trustworthy and a good listener.  Many people can give advice but is it good advice? Do you follow it? Do you they follow it? Is it financial advice, relationship advice, or just everyday advice?  We all have one person that we trust or vent to for advice. We cannot keep it inside for long we need to let out what is bothering us.  Take a deep breath and think about what you want to say and gather your thoughts and ask your advice to someone that is a good listener and gives good advice.  Let me know how it works out. Now onto the next life lesson.