Are you living your life to the fullest? Are you happy? Do you feel you are missing something? What is it that you want to accomplish? Make some goals in your life . They do not have be a 100 goals just start out with 2 goals a day.  Make up your mind and accomplish those goals and the next day set two more goals and continue that until you feel confident enough to start a third goal. When you achieved up to ten goals you celebrate. You celebrate your goals that you have set and achieved. Let me know how good that feels.  Continue to set more and more goals. You can do it I know you can.  Life can be stressful and unexpected things can happen but if we remain focused we can do anything.  Pray, believe, and know your strengths and conquer your fears.  God is with you all the way! You got this now go get it! Life is what you make of it. One day at a time.  Live it to the fullest.  One chance one life. Now onto the next life lesson.