Month: August 2019

Hello God, it’s me!

Today I decided to write about God. I picked God because I have been praying to him a lot . I talk to him early in the morning and late at night. I feel more calm after I speak to God. I know he hears me. Sometimes I can feel it. I know my parents are in  his care whether my Dad believes it or not.  I think we all need to talk to God once in awhile. He forgives and he is listening. I was never religious but I always found time to talk to God.  What is God  thinking when I pray to him? I believe he is sending us love and praying for us. This is a world that has gone mad with so many terrible things happening. It is not because of God. We all have free will and choices and sometimes some people make bad choices.  So go ahead and take a few minutes and say hi to God.  I believe everything happens for a reason. I think we need more happiness in the world, and people need to talk to God more and if they did it would be a much better place.  If you do not believe than just have a quiet thought each day. It is your choice. I am not putting religion on anyone . I am just saying God is good and he is listening. Now onto the next life lesson.


Your family should be the the most important part of your life.  I believe that family is everything. My family means the world to me and by family I mean my immediate family that includes my husband and my kids. I put  everyone ahead of me. I do for everyone around here. I am okay with that.  I take care of my own. I worry about them. What happens when I am no longer here? What if? I think about that and I get very upset. I just have to hope that I did a good enough job to have them lead their own lives.  What is your family like? Are you married ? Do you have kids? Or are you a bachelor or bachelorette?  How do you live your life? Do you plan it all? Are you spontaneous?  What is your life like? Are you happy? Do you have regrets?  Do you often think about the past?  I want my kids to be happy and healthy. I want them to grow into happy and healthy adults.  What do you want out of life? Have you thought about your future?  All things to think about. Now onto the next life lesson.

The First day of school

I was happy to hear both of my kids had a great first day. How was your child’s first day of school? Are they at a new school? Did they get lost walking to their class?  Did they make a new friend? Was it scary? We have all been through this. We can all relate to our first days of school.  We have all gotten lost. we have all been scared, and we have all made new friends.  It is a common bond we all have and we survived. We go through many firsts in  life. First day of school,a new job, a marriage, a child. So many learning experiences to share in life. We have all been through it. I am sad because this time I cannot share it with my Dad. I cannot tell him about their first day of school.  I always sent him their picture on the first day of school.  I think he is watching over them. I believe that. I hope and pray this is a good year ahead. I thank God for all that I have. So enjoy all of your firsts because you only get one first.  The firsts get you ready for the rest. If you get through the first than you are good. You made it through and the rests are what you make of it. Have a great first.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Back to School

Are you one of the parents getting ready to send your kids back to school today? I sure am. I have one going into middle school. Good thing I have already been through this with my other daughter. I am excited and a little nervous. Do you have a middle school kid or a high school kid? I have both.  My youngest is really growing up.  I hope we have a great school year filled with knowledge, good health, happiness, and all good things.  I still think it is weird to start school in August.  Back in my day in NY we always started after labor day and got out in late June. Now the kids get out in May which I like. I am going to miss my summer routine but before I know it it will be back.  Are you excited or nervous going back? Of course we all are. We take our first day of school pictures after they are all dressed and ready to go.  We dropped off our fresh and new supplies and we are ready to go.  Here is to another awesome year! Good luck to your kids too! Now onto the next life lesson.

Special Someday Blog

This is a special Saturday blog. I usually do not do blogs on Saturday. Today I am making an exception. Today’s blog is going to promote my new novel called Someday.  Someday is a a powerful romantic novel that will leave you breathless. You can feel the chemistry as each page turns. The book leaves you wanting more and more. Just when you think something is going to happen there is a twist. There is romance, suspense , and even parts that you need a tissue box for.  The only way you will know what happens if you purchase your copy today. Available on Amazon in Kindle format and paper back so your order yours NOW! Now onto the next life lesson.

Back to School

It is the time of year again when our kids go back to school. We buy the school supplies, organize them and then carry that heavy bag into orientation day.  Back in my day they had a small little office supply store and it was always packed. I remember my Dad had an account there and I just billed it to him.  Now we have online shopping and giant stores like Walmart and Target. It is a whole different world. We did not buy clorox wipes. paper towels, or soap I mean I don’t mind but is my daughter on staff as a janitor or a student. Not that there is anything wrong being on staff as a janitor it is honest work. I just thought they were supposed to bring in academic stuff.  Either way it is back to the school routine . I prefer the summer routine. Now that my book is done I may even start another one. Will we see it is going to take some time. I have not even thought of a title yet. I am sure I will and when I do you will be the first to know.  I wish all the kids going back to school a wonderful and safe year. Now onto the next life lesson.

Paying Attention

Think  about how important it is to pay attention. Especially to your surroundings. It is so important to be vigilant and aware of what is going on around you. It is important to pay attention in school, at your job, driving a car, and taking care of your kids. It is so important to pay attention to everything around you.  If you do not hear what is going on the consequences could be severe.  You may be looking around but are you listening are you aware? Do you really think you are paying attention?  For your own safety it is so important to pay attention. We are to busy looking at our phones. I do my extreme best to pay attention. I keep my phone in my purse. I keep my keys in my hand or as long as they are in my purse I can open my door quickly. Be cautious and aware at all times it will save your life.  Now onto the next life lesson.

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