Do you have things that hang over your head?  Situations or things on your mind that weigh on you? I know I do. Certain things and certain people weigh on me. I do not like that feeling.  It is as uncomfortable as an itchy sweater.  It really bothers me when things hang over my head. I worry about it and worry about it.  Then it gets resolved and I feel like I can breath again. I feel better and then I feel I can move on. I try to avoid things like this.  It is not good to dwell on things and maybe I need to work on that. It is hard not to when it really bothers you.  Either way we need to avoid things like this and try and live without unnecessary conflict. We do not need it. Avoid people that cause problems and try and lead a happy life.  Take care of YOU! There is only one YOU and you need to think about YOU first sometimes. Make yourself healthy and avoid those people. I know I will. Go head try it.  Now onto the next life lesson.