You see it all the time words on a page. You read it and you process it. What do they mean? What are you reading about? Do you understand what you are reading? Do you like what you are reading? What makes words on a page so interesting? I know I am asking a lot of questions but only because I want to know. I am curious to know your thoughts about what you read. You could be reading an important notice or document. What if you do not understand what you are reading? Who do you ask? Do you hire a high priced lawyer in a suit? No, do your homework and find out. You have access to the whole world on the web. Do your do diligence and do not be lazy or ignorant.  Find out what every word means.  Take notes and keep a journal on your situation. It is so important not to be taken advantage of. Seek the truth and do not give up. Always know what you reading and signing.  Knowledge is power! Now onto the next life lesson.