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Set Backs

Let’s face it we have all had them at one point in our lives. We have had times when things have to stop or be stopped for one reason or another. Maybe we lost a loved one or lost a job and things were not going well at that time. Sometimes it seems like set backs last longer than they should. You hope and you pray and still you begin to feel like there is no hope that the set back will turn around.  You want to move forward and you want to be able to have some peace knowing that things will turn around. A part of you is scared and you have every right to be. I do believe that things will turn around.  It is really hard to have these sets backs. You are strong and you got this. So go get it and push that set back aside and believe in yourself and God believes in you. You will get through this. I want to know how did you deal with this? How did you overcome this? Take care of YOU. There is only one YOU. Now onto the next life lesson.

What would you do?

What would you do if you won the lottery? What would you do if knew your time on earth was limited? What would you do if someone needed an organ to live like a kidney? Would you sacrifice for another person? Would you save or spend that lottery money? What would be the last thing you would do if you knew your time was up?  All good questions but rather sad except for winning the lottery.  If I knew it was my last day I would just want to be with my family. I would just want to be with my daughters and my husband.  I cannot even imagine that. I am glad I am healthy thank god. I would be scared to donate a kidney but if someone really needed it I guess I would try and get tested at least.  Especially if it was a loved one.  I ask my self what next now that my Dad is gone. I have to live my life and just not forget him that is what he would want. It is still a BIG shock that he is gone.  It is still hard to believe.  I try and remember the good times. It is hard so I do not really know I just take it one day at a time.  What would you do? How do you deal with losing a loved one? How do you deal with sadness and grief? I know it is a process. I understand I am going through it now. I know it is okay to be sad. You hear about things but maybe you do not think what you would you do? It is a common question. It is a hard question to answer at times. Think about it and digest the question. Live life to the fullest and try and remember the good times. Now onto the the next life lesson.


How do you deal with stress? Do you eat? Do you take a walk? Do you smoke? What do you do? I am curious to hear what you do. Do you get upset or panic? I can tell you one thing is for sure I do NOT smoke. I get upset and then I can’t sleep. I think about what is bothering me constantly. It makes it worse. I can handle it better but when you are stressed you are not always thinking clearly. You need to sit down and take a breath. Count to ten. Make rational choices and then come to a conclusion on what to do . It is so important to create solutions. You do not need to add to the suitcase you need to pack enough to get through the week. You need to unload the stuff and take out new clothes and start wearing the new. Clean out the clutter. Stop playing the old tapes put on new tapes. Every layer of stress that comes off you are turning off an old tape. The stress will go away but you have to do one step at a time. Stress is a huge problem among people. We all get stressed it is how we handle it that makes us who we are.  Maybe talk to someone a friend or a therapist.  It will help de clutter your mind. One day at a time. You will get through it. Life is to short to be stressed all of the time. Go find some fun. Get out there and smile and laugh. Let me know how it goes. Please comment below on any blog. Now onto the next life lesson.


Do you have a pet? Maybe it is a dog or cat or a bird? Whatever it is you love it and you care for it. It is your best friend at least in animal world it is. Either way we are humans and we all need comfort and loyalty.  Pets are loyal and they love us no matter what. They do not care what we look like, if we have a great job or if we are married or single. They love us because we show them love. I have a dog and she is the best. I do not know what I did all of the years without one. She is loyal and she loves the whole family. What kind of cat or dog or bird do you have? Maybe you are not a pet person. Maybe you just like complete privacy or you do mot have time to care of a pet.  That is okay maybe one day you will want a pet.  They are really good company. It is a lot of responsibility to have a pet. You have to feed it and care for it. If it is a dog you have to walk it.  A cat you have to clean the liter box and a bird it’s cage. Either way  it is hard work and it pays off because you get lots of snuggles at the end of a long day. Go head and curl up with your favorite pet. They are waiting for .  Now onto the next life lesson. (Yesterday’s famous blog was supposed to be published yesterday)

Would ever want to be famous?

Let’s see how many people would like to famous? What would you like to be famous for? What makes people famous? Why would you want to be famous? I just want to be a great author someone well known. I love to write because it makes me happy. It makes me get inside a book and be someone else. I do not want to be seen just heard. I would rather be on the radio than TV. I would love to be interviewed on the radio about my book. I want to tell my story. I want as many people as possible to read my book. To answer the question I do not want to be famous I just want to be known. I want my work to be respected and I want to learn as much as I can about creative writing. The fact that I am good at something surprises me. Why because according to my father I could not do anything right.  Famous people have no privacy.  l like privacy. I like to keep to myself. I used to be so outgoing and love to do all kinds of things. I think I was just running from my own life. I would not want to be so famous that I could not step out of my house or that I could not live a normal life. If you have not read my latest novel SOMEDAY than you are missing out. Go head get your copy today and buy one for a friend it is almost time for the holidays. Available on Amazon.  Go get out there and do your thing be famous if you want to be famous. Remember where you came from and how you got there. Now onto the next life lesson.


How do you look at situations? How do you see others? How do they see you? How do you feel about how they see you? How do they feel about how you see them? Well, not to confuse you but not everything is how it seems or how you see it. Sometimes you have to look at things from the outside looking in.  There are many ways to go about this. You can simply observe the behavior of others. You can make mental notes or you can tell by their actions. Are you included or are you not in the know? Do you feel like you fit in? Are you aware of social events?  Why aren’t you aware and or included in this situations? How does it make you feel? It makes you feel unwanted and wondering.  How about you? Do you see people you know talking and gathering and wonder why didn’t they ask you? Why you aren’t a part of it.  You would not dare walk over and because they are thinking, “What is she doing here?” “Or what are they doing here?” If it were me I would just keep to myself and continue to feel that emptiness.  You would think you would leave that behind in childhood. News flash adults do it to. You wonder is it me? Then you think they just do not like me. After awhile you believe something is wrong with you.  How do you feel? Has something like this happened to you?  How do you deal with it? Go out and live your life make other friends. Either way, you are still carrying that hurt and it stays with you. Why are they in the know? Why can’t you fit in? What is it about you that doesn’t fit?  Let me know because I don’t. Now onto the next life lesson.

People watching

Have you ever people watched? If you are not sure what it is than you haven’t. I love to people watch. If I am sitting in a place like a mall I watch people. I watch them walk around , maybe eat something and sometimes I will give them a name with a story. It is so much fun to people watch.  I get ideas for my own stories and no one knows I am just sitting there minding my own business. When they leave the area there story is continued by them.  You never know you could be giving someone a great life.  It could be anyone that you pick. You give them name, a career, a place to live, even a car to drive. Once they leave your site it is their life.  Observation is so important. I used to be a store detective for two major fancy department stores. I was very good at my job. I am now retired from that field but it was fun while it lasted.  I moved on to other things. I am not old by any means. Either way people watching allows you to use your imagination sometimes you can take multiple people you are watching and combine their lives. Who knows you could play match maker. Either way it is all in fun and when you are done with your meal in the food court or done shopping the game is over. You go back to your life and they go back to theirs.  However, maybe certain characters can be a part of a book later on.  Maybe people you already know can be a part of it to. Someday has a character based on someone I know.  Go ahead and try it let me know how it goes. Now onto the next life lesson.

Bucket list

Death is something I do not like to talk about. In fact I never mention when the time comes… No, I do not like it. I never have and never will. I do not even have a bucket list. I never talk about having one and I do not intend on making one.  Do you have a bucket list? What is on your list? What do you want to do? How many things are listed on your list? Why did you make a bucket list? Why do people do this? Why not just do things because you want to do them. Call it a to do list. I like that better or a life list. I know death is inevitable and final. You lived your life and now others still here morn your death. I do not believe in sitting shiva or any other custom. Go out and celebrate life. I do not want to make people sad or have them sit around and cry. Go have a party or go on a vacation. Just do not forget me.  I just believe in life. I am not religious but I do talk to God. I do not follow any religious customs. I think that is my parents fault I never went to Hebrew School. I never had a bat mitzvah. Sometimes I wish I had so that maybe I would have some clue. Most of my friends have had a confirmation or a bar or bat mitzvah. Either way I do not believe in bucket lists or any other crazy thing.  I may get slack for this blog but I do not care. When it is my final day go out and have a party on me. Invite people who love you and care about you. Do not sit and sulk and cry. I would not want that.  As for my final arrangements have everyone write a message in a balloon and when it is time everyone sends it off into the sky at once. White lilies only no other flower.  Wear your favorite color not black.  After wards eat your favorite meal and before you eat you thank god.  No Bucket list for me.  Live your life . And every year on my anniversary do something great.  Now onto the next life lesson.

So they say it’s your birthday

How do you celebrate your birthday? Do you have a party? Do you have your favorite meal?  Do you meet up with friends?  Or do you just want to be alone? Birthdays are interesting everyone has a different idea of how to celebrate and that is great. There is no right or wrong way on how to celebrate. It is just how you chose to celebrate. You may just want a quiet meal with a loved one or time with your family. You may just want to watch your favorite movie.  Whatever it is I hope it is exactly what you want to do. How about when you lose someone that you love and they are no longer a part of this day? Especially when it is the first one without that person.  How do you deal with that? Birthdays and holidays are hard for some people.  I am not one for parties or celebrations when it comes to me. I prefer just to have a quiet weekend or day with family.  All I really want is that.  If it were my day.  How about you? What is your favorite birthday memory? How did you celebrate? Why was it your favorite?  I hope if it is your birthday you celebrate the way you want. So if it is your birthday than Happy Birthday. Now onto the next life lesson.

The little Italian lady

Today I am going to write about a lady that I have known for a very long time.  She is a good woman and above all loves her family. We will call her the little Italian lady. She came to this country as a young girl from Italy and did not know what to expect for her future. She was scared and knew that America would bring her better opportunities.  Young people today do not know what it is like to suffer and go without. This woman married a young Italian man who had his own dream After many years he owned a used car lot and still does today. His wife used to be a seamstress for Evan Picone.  She worked very hard and stood by him. They eventually built an empire and because of their fruits of their labor there children and grandchildren will be very comfortable.  The Italian lady loves to cook. She is a great cook and makes the best homemade pizza on the east coast.  She makes holiday meals fit for an army all branches by the way.  Unfortunately, due to recent events her health is failing her. Please take a minute to pray for the little Italian lady. She is a very good woman and as I write this I can hear her Italian accent talking and yelling at some body. She loved to garden and grew vegetables as tall as her.  She is a real hard working woman who knows what is like to start from nothing. Behind every man there is a great woman and in this case that is true.  Today I pray for the little Italian lady.   My daughters call her Nonna.  So today I will continue to pray and hope for peace for the little Italian lady.  In her honor I will always watch her favorite soaps as we have as long as  I can remember. Thank you little Italian lady for the love and the great meals. Now onto the next life lesson.

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