Do you have a pet? Maybe it is a dog or cat or a bird? Whatever it is you love it and you care for it. It is your best friend at least in animal world it is. Either way we are humans and we all need comfort and loyalty.  Pets are loyal and they love us no matter what. They do not care what we look like, if we have a great job or if we are married or single. They love us because we show them love. I have a dog and she is the best. I do not know what I did all of the years without one. She is loyal and she loves the whole family. What kind of cat or dog or bird do you have? Maybe you are not a pet person. Maybe you just like complete privacy or you do mot have time to care of a pet.  That is okay maybe one day you will want a pet.  They are really good company. It is a lot of responsibility to have a pet. You have to feed it and care for it. If it is a dog you have to walk it.  A cat you have to clean the liter box and a bird it’s cage. Either way  it is hard work and it pays off because you get lots of snuggles at the end of a long day. Go head and curl up with your favorite pet. They are waiting for .  Now onto the next life lesson. (Yesterday’s famous blog was supposed to be published yesterday)