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The Holidays

What are your traditions? How do you celebrate your holiday? Do you have family? Do you go away? What do you do?  I love to hear about other people’s traditions. Whatever you do I hope you are not alone. I hope you are celebrating with friends or family. No one should be alone. After my mom died I felt alone. We did not do very much.  I did not like the holidays. Now that my dad has passed and even though we did not see each other over Thanksgiving I cannot call him and hear what he had planned which was eat a turkey leg and watch football. He loved to do that. He always did what he wanted. It will be hard not calling him.  Have you had a loss?  Are the holidays hard? How do you handle it? How do you keep busy and not be upset? Or do you do both keep busy and also be upset? Whatever the reason I think our loved ones would want us to carry on and be happy.  Holidays are always tough no matter how much time has passed we still want our loved ones here with us. Try and think of the good times and give a little smile.  I think they are always with us. What do you think? We can see them in our dreams and maybe feel there presence in some way. Either way if we believe they are with us.  I hope he is going to eat a turkey leg and watch football.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Rumors how do they start?

Do you listen to rumors? Do you start rumors? Do you ever find out who started the rumor and confront them? Or do you just ignore it and act like nothing bothers you? I wonder sometimes how these things get started? Probably by someone who needs something better to do.  Someone so insecure about themselves they need to lie an make someone else feel miserable. Or maybe it is an attention thing. Have you ever thought of that someone starting a rumor to draw attention to themselves? I bet it is has been done many times over. Why not just tell the truth? On a rare occasion they might have some truth to the rumor. I think people just like to gossip and that is how things get started because one person hears something and than it spreads like wildfire. People get hurt and could be become very depressed than what? One person has caused that much damage to someone’s reputation. How is that a good thing? People can be cruel and that is sad that some people have to act like that. Do not forget about Karma coming around the corner.  Please be kind and if you hear something ignore it and move on. If you see someone by themselves at work or school say hello you never know how you will make their day. One act of kindness could spread like wildfire. Let’s spread kindness the style that should never go out of style.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Giving Thanks

Yes, it is that time of year again where friends and family gather together to enjoy a large feast. It is a time to give thanks and spend time with family.  Everyone has their traditions and the meal to prepare and everyone will be gathered around a beautiful table and enjoy conversations. When my mom was alive we celebrated everything. After she passed it was nothing not even a stocking was hung. It was sad. My Dad did not like holidays.  Across the street was grand central family gathered at M’s house and he would say do not bother her.  How are your holidays what did you do? How do you celebrate what are your traditions? All I could do was sit in my room and write stories. That is what I did. I wish I still had them. I remember one of them was called the Bus Trip Tale.  Now that I am a parent I am make sure we enjoy the holidays. I hope you enjoy yours. I know one thing it is no fun sitting in your room alone. Now onto the next life lesson.

Calling vs Texting

Which do you prefer calling or texting? Do you like to get a text asking if it is okay to talk? I think there are to many rules or preferences now a days. When I was a kid there were no cell phones we used a pay phone or we waited for the phone to ring or arranged things in person ahead of time.  Sometimes I think simple is better. There are times I prefer to text rather than call but other times I want to hear your voice and hear all about your day and what is going in your daily life. I think we are to busy and we lose sight of talking and having real conversations.  People are on their phone way to much and I am guilty of it at times . I am trying to make it so when my family is with me I stay off the phone.  I see people having dinner together not even looking at each other but on their phone.  It is sad we forgot how to talk to each other.  We need to have more face to face conversations.  People are relying on social media to stay in touch.  I think it can be good but at the same time take away that personal time.  Just try it the next time you go out to dinner put your phone away and talk to the person you are with. When we have dinner at home or out we put our phones away.  We talk to each other. It is good to talk to your family.  You only live once so make the  most of every moment. Now onto the next life lesson.

The first time in a long time I …..

Recently I went to my daughter’s friends party and I felt like I belonged. I felt like I had known everyone and I was comfortable. I felt at ease and at peace. These are all mom’s and dad’s of special needs kids.  Either it is because we have a common bond or they are just mom’s and dad’s I fit in with. I was talking to everyone and I did not feel any anxiety and I even made new friends. I even met up with friends I had been talking with on the phone about the teacher situation. We will call her D. D is a very smart woman who like all of us want what is best for her children. We all share the same goals and the same fears I am sure. Either way it was a great day. So thank you K for a great party. I am looking forward to more get gatherings of new and old friends.  Maybe I will plan something and and invite some friends over or plan a night out .  Have  you met new friends? Have you ever felt like you do not fit in? I have another gathering soon and it is not with the same people. Let’s see how this compares to that.  I am sure it will be different. Either way I am giving it a try under B’s recommendation. I only use first initials.  And thank you T for being a faithful reader. Thank you for reading my blog.  Remember sometime in 2020 new book reveal coming soon. Can you guess what type of book it will be? If you know or want to comment or ask a question than comment on my  Authors page on Facebook on   my book reveal post titled  and the book is ….Now onto the next life lesson.

Holidays, Traditions and more

Yes, we all know the holidays are coming up. It is a time of year that is hectic and stressful. It is also happy and exciting. You have your traditions, and cooking and house full of people. This holidays season will be different. We used to go up north and see my Dad and since he is gone now I do not think we will be doing that. Yesterday, I went out to breakfast with my daughter’s friend and her mom and she asked me if I had any family in NY. I hesitated and to think for a minute and for the first time said, No.  Then I  mentioned my brother in law  in NJ which was a help.  It was weird not saying Oh, my Dad still lives there.  It will be strange not sending him a card.  It will be strange not getting a card with his  terrible handwriting on it .  We stopped going because it was to cold but I should of made just one more trip. I went last spring to say goodbye. Holiday time is hard.  I guess you have to take it one holiday at a time.  Either way I have to make nice and happy for my family.  What are your traditions? Who do you miss? Who do you think of during the holidays?  I would love to hear from my readers.  As always thank you for taking time out to read my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Power of Prayer

Yes, I believe in God and I believe in prayer. I believe he holds us up when we feel weak. I believe we have angels watching over us. I know they come in different shapes and sizes and help us get through tough times.  We cannot see them but sometimes we feel something in the air. It is nothing we can really explain we just know. I saw two cardinals the other day that is one sign.  I have been praying for something for awhile and I am wondering why it is taking so long. I think I have to just let go and let God handle it. We could all use prayers at one time or another some more than others and that is okay. We need prayers at different times. I have faith and I believe. Do you believe? Do you pray? I think we need God now more than ever. I think God needs to really be here. I think some people forgot about God and that is not good. So please do me a favor and let everyone you know God is here. Remember that movie I told you about in another blog Oh God, book 2 well we need to get the word out. To quote the movie THINK GOD!  I think we should try it . Just THINK GOD! Amen and thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

That friend

I have this friend and we used to talk a great deal. I realized that it felt one sided I was calling and she would call back or text but it still felt like I was always calling. I realized this was upsetting me.  We have texted a little bit but not a lot. We have not spoken on the phone in awhile. I always felt like I was bothering her and I decided I would not call and I haven’t . I have had a lot on my mind and maybe that is part of it. I just felt like I was a burden. I hate that feeling. I know this person reads my blog every once in awhile and maybe they will figure out who this is. I will only say that I am sorry if I was a burden. I  felt like there was a never a right time to talk. However, I do not know if they know I am upset. I know I am mentally tired and there was so much going on. I hope and I pray that we can mend this. If you are reading this and our friendship means something to you than we will talk today or tomorrow.  I miss my NYPR friend. Now there is my hint. I said my peace and now I will wait and see. Now onto the next life lesson.


The world is full of all kinds of people. People have different thoughts and views. I think that is okay. We are supposed to think differently and learn from each other. Instead there is such a divide. We need to come together and be United. I am tired of the negativity and so I am going to do something about it. Every day I am going to say something nice or do something nice actions speak louder than words. I will write a nice note to someone or say thank you or smile at someone.  Pass it on spread the kindness. Show someone you care about them. Tell a stranger you like his tie or buy someone a cup of coffee . Let’t spread kindness. It cost nothing to be kind and courteous. It is something so simple.  Let’s do simple let’s be nice and show others how it is done. I hope they follow. Let’s lead by example. We need to show younger generations how to appreciate things in life. We need to teach them that NOTHING is free you have to earn you way.  There is so much opportunity here let FREEDOM ring! God Bless America and our armed forces who have fought for our country. We need to show them kindness and thank them for all of this freedom.  We need MORE kindness and  patriots. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Book Promotions

Lately I have been really promoting my book on social media. I am getting more sales which is good. I put it on my high school page and it seemed to help. People are buying it. In case you haven’t heard or maybe you have I self published a book titled Someday. I am very very proud of my book.  I worked really hard and I hope it is successful. The holidays are coming up and what better gift than a book to someone who loves to read.  If you love to read or know someone who loves it like you do than go to Amazon and purchase my book today. If you have already read it please write a review.  I thank you in advance for your purchase and your review. It really means a lot to me.  I  hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you to everyone who believed me and those who don’t well it is your loss not mine.  We all have those people in our lives that are doubters, downers, and  nitpickers. I understand we all have our point of view.  Some people just are what they are.  You do not have to love everything and that is okay. Love who you are and spread some kindness. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

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