Which do you prefer calling or texting? Do you like to get a text asking if it is okay to talk? I think there are to many rules or preferences now a days. When I was a kid there were no cell phones we used a pay phone or we waited for the phone to ring or arranged things in person ahead of time.  Sometimes I think simple is better. There are times I prefer to text rather than call but other times I want to hear your voice and hear all about your day and what is going in your daily life. I think we are to busy and we lose sight of talking and having real conversations.  People are on their phone way to much and I am guilty of it at times . I am trying to make it so when my family is with me I stay off the phone.  I see people having dinner together not even looking at each other but on their phone.  It is sad we forgot how to talk to each other.  We need to have more face to face conversations.  People are relying on social media to stay in touch.  I think it can be good but at the same time take away that personal time.  Just try it the next time you go out to dinner put your phone away and talk to the person you are with. When we have dinner at home or out we put our phones away.  We talk to each other. It is good to talk to your family.  You only live once so make the  most of every moment. Now onto the next life lesson.