The world is full of all kinds of people. People have different thoughts and views. I think that is okay. We are supposed to think differently and learn from each other. Instead there is such a divide. We need to come together and be United. I am tired of the negativity and so I am going to do something about it. Every day I am going to say something nice or do something nice actions speak louder than words. I will write a nice note to someone or say thank you or smile at someone.  Pass it on spread the kindness. Show someone you care about them. Tell a stranger you like his tie or buy someone a cup of coffee . Let’t spread kindness. It cost nothing to be kind and courteous. It is something so simple.  Let’s do simple let’s be nice and show others how it is done. I hope they follow. Let’s lead by example. We need to show younger generations how to appreciate things in life. We need to teach them that NOTHING is free you have to earn you way.  There is so much opportunity here let FREEDOM ring! God Bless America and our armed forces who have fought for our country. We need to show them kindness and thank them for all of this freedom.  We need MORE kindness and  patriots. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.