Yes, I believe in God and I believe in prayer. I believe he holds us up when we feel weak. I believe we have angels watching over us. I know they come in different shapes and sizes and help us get through tough times.  We cannot see them but sometimes we feel something in the air. It is nothing we can really explain we just know. I saw two cardinals the other day that is one sign.  I have been praying for something for awhile and I am wondering why it is taking so long. I think I have to just let go and let God handle it. We could all use prayers at one time or another some more than others and that is okay. We need prayers at different times. I have faith and I believe. Do you believe? Do you pray? I think we need God now more than ever. I think God needs to really be here. I think some people forgot about God and that is not good. So please do me a favor and let everyone you know God is here. Remember that movie I told you about in another blog Oh God, book 2 well we need to get the word out. To quote the movie THINK GOD!  I think we should try it . Just THINK GOD! Amen and thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.