Do you listen to rumors? Do you start rumors? Do you ever find out who started the rumor and confront them? Or do you just ignore it and act like nothing bothers you? I wonder sometimes how these things get started? Probably by someone who needs something better to do.  Someone so insecure about themselves they need to lie an make someone else feel miserable. Or maybe it is an attention thing. Have you ever thought of that someone starting a rumor to draw attention to themselves? I bet it is has been done many times over. Why not just tell the truth? On a rare occasion they might have some truth to the rumor. I think people just like to gossip and that is how things get started because one person hears something and than it spreads like wildfire. People get hurt and could be become very depressed than what? One person has caused that much damage to someone’s reputation. How is that a good thing? People can be cruel and that is sad that some people have to act like that. Do not forget about Karma coming around the corner.  Please be kind and if you hear something ignore it and move on. If you see someone by themselves at work or school say hello you never know how you will make their day. One act of kindness could spread like wildfire. Let’s spread kindness the style that should never go out of style.  Now onto the next life lesson.