I have this friend and we used to talk a great deal. I realized that it felt one sided I was calling and she would call back or text but it still felt like I was always calling. I realized this was upsetting me.  We have texted a little bit but not a lot. We have not spoken on the phone in awhile. I always felt like I was bothering her and I decided I would not call and I haven’t . I have had a lot on my mind and maybe that is part of it. I just felt like I was a burden. I hate that feeling. I know this person reads my blog every once in awhile and maybe they will figure out who this is. I will only say that I am sorry if I was a burden. I  felt like there was a never a right time to talk. However, I do not know if they know I am upset. I know I am mentally tired and there was so much going on. I hope and I pray that we can mend this. If you are reading this and our friendship means something to you than we will talk today or tomorrow.  I miss my NYPR friend. Now there is my hint. I said my peace and now I will wait and see. Now onto the next life lesson.