Recently I went to my daughter’s friends party and I felt like I belonged. I felt like I had known everyone and I was comfortable. I felt at ease and at peace. These are all mom’s and dad’s of special needs kids.  Either it is because we have a common bond or they are just mom’s and dad’s I fit in with. I was talking to everyone and I did not feel any anxiety and I even made new friends. I even met up with friends I had been talking with on the phone about the teacher situation. We will call her D. D is a very smart woman who like all of us want what is best for her children. We all share the same goals and the same fears I am sure. Either way it was a great day. So thank you K for a great party. I am looking forward to more get gatherings of new and old friends.  Maybe I will plan something and and invite some friends over or plan a night out .  Have  you met new friends? Have you ever felt like you do not fit in? I have another gathering soon and it is not with the same people. Let’s see how this compares to that.  I am sure it will be different. Either way I am giving it a try under B’s recommendation. I only use first initials.  And thank you T for being a faithful reader. Thank you for reading my blog.  Remember sometime in 2020 new book reveal coming soon. Can you guess what type of book it will be? If you know or want to comment or ask a question than comment on my  Authors page on Facebook on   my book reveal post titled  and the book is ….Now onto the next life lesson.