What are your traditions? How do you celebrate your holiday? Do you have family? Do you go away? What do you do?  I love to hear about other people’s traditions. Whatever you do I hope you are not alone. I hope you are celebrating with friends or family. No one should be alone. After my mom died I felt alone. We did not do very much.  I did not like the holidays. Now that my dad has passed and even though we did not see each other over Thanksgiving I cannot call him and hear what he had planned which was eat a turkey leg and watch football. He loved to do that. He always did what he wanted. It will be hard not calling him.  Have you had a loss?  Are the holidays hard? How do you handle it? How do you keep busy and not be upset? Or do you do both keep busy and also be upset? Whatever the reason I think our loved ones would want us to carry on and be happy.  Holidays are always tough no matter how much time has passed we still want our loved ones here with us. Try and think of the good times and give a little smile.  I think they are always with us. What do you think? We can see them in our dreams and maybe feel there presence in some way. Either way if we believe they are with us.  I hope he is going to eat a turkey leg and watch football.  Now onto the next life lesson.