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Moments in our lives

Once in a while we have those moments that define who we are. We may have achieved a goal, got a promotion, ran a marathon, became a mom or dad. Whatever your moment it is yours and no one can take that away. It is a time of your life you will never forget. It is YOUR moment to remember and smile and think about when your are not feeling yourself. To remember the good times and make you stronger. You can always believe in yourself and know there is nothing you cannot do. You have had the pleasure of experiencing something wonderful. You should be very proud of yourself. You should pat yourself on the back every once in awhile. We need that pleasure and recognition.  What is your moment? What put you in that glory of your life? What is your passion? What have you learned? If you are fortunate enough to have a moment that you are a very lucky person. Remember that you can do anything and do not let anyone tell you that you can’t.  Can’t is not an option. You can and you will.

When I was in the 6th grade I had a moment. My teacher recognized me at our graduation as one of  one of the most improved students a long with my friend we will call MW.  I was so proud of myself. Years later I would say it was when I became a Mom for the first time and the second time. Then when I wrote my first children’s book and then recently my novel Someday.  I am proud of ALL of those moments , Now I  got to share them with you my readers just now.  I still wonder if my Dad was proud he never did say.

Thank you for reading my blog today. Now onto the next life lesson.

Apologies, forgiveness and feeling whole again

Have you ever had to apologize to someone? Of course we have maybe we forgot to meet someone, or didn’t call you back or worse had an argument. We have all been there where we needed to ask for forgiveness.  Some hold a grudge and some forgive without any hesitation.  Which are you ? Do you hold a grudge or do you forgive? We all have our moments where we do things that we do not realize may hurt someone’s feelings. We have all been there. None of us are perfect. I wonder if as time passes if they eventually forgive? I wonder if they just put it out of their minds and just move on.  I think once we settle what ever happened with another person and it is forgiven we feel whole again. When things are left open there is no closure. When words are unspoken and situations are not resolved we may feel empty and alone. It feels good to know that there is closure and forgiveness.

There are those rare situations that are way to hurtful to forgive.  You just simply cut ties. If you can forgive than that is a good thing. Sometimes the pain runs way to deep.  Some people keep making the same mistakes and do not learn from them and keep hurting people. People like that you should stay a way from. It is always best to work things out however, if they continue to be selfish and hurtful walk away. You need to live your life with peace. Now onto the next life lesson.

Always have faith

No matter what happens in life you should never lose faith. Faith is strong. If you have faith you can get through anything in life. God is always there and he is listening.  When life throws us a curve ball we must keep going. We have to live our lives .  If someone brings you down do not hang out with them. Be with people that make you happy that have faith in you. If you surround yourself with people that are negative you will see the world in a negative light. I read something the other day about your diet. Your diet is not only what you eat but what you watch, read, people you hang out with and that makes up who you are. Do you eat right? Do you read a lot? What types of shows do you watch? All in all you have to be happy and find your peace.  Peace is such an easy word yet so hard to come by.  I truly believe if you have faith in yourself and God you can get through anything. I have been through  some hard times this past year and I pray and talk to God all the time. I feel better and stronger.  He has answered some prayers. I will not lose faith will you? I hope not. I am not preaching or telling anyone they have to pray or believe I am simply saying God is there if you believe and you need him. Please comment and let me know what you think. Now onto the next life lesson.


We have all had many friends in our lives. How many of them do you talk to? Social media does not count. How many “friends” do you stay in touch with? Is it more than 10 or less than 5? I wonder how many of us stay in touch.  Remember when all we had was the US mail and a phone in our home? I love getting letters in the mail. Every once in awhile my best friend and I write a letter to each other. We have not done it in awhile but we do.  I always look forward to reading it.  It is fun and it takes me back to being a kid again. Maybe you should try it with your best friend. Write each other a letter and mail it. Do you know how much a stamp cost? It cost 55 cents to mail a letter.  Only 55 cents to bring a smile to someone’s face and you could use a forever stamp.   It is better than half the garbage on TV and you are reading. You are using your brain and thinking back to when you were a kid. When life was a bit more simple.  Do you have an answer to my question? How many friends do you talk to? I mean call on the phone and have a conversation. You can hear their voice and know how happy they are to talk to you.  Think about it and try it call a friend and sit and chat. Make some plans maybe have lunch on a Saturday. Enjoy yourselves and make some new memories. Now onto the next life lesson.

How do you feel?

When you wake up each day how do you feel? Are you ready to start each day? Do you have time for a good breakfast? Are you getting the kids off to school? You must have some sort of a routine. I know I do. I think it is important to have a routine. You should have balance and time for each part of your routine.  I think by now we have down to a science. What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? Do you work from home or commute to work? When you come home from a long day who starts dinner?  After a long day I bet you are exhausted. You have your dinner, you talk about your day with your family, clean up spend some time together, put the kids to bed and go to bed yourself. You wake up the next day and do the same thing all over again.  How do you you feel? Do you feel tired or sluggish? Are you exercising in the morning? Do you eat right? How often do you eat? We all eat and live differently. Are you happy? Are you excited to start each new day? Remember always do your best and count your blessings. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.


Do you remember your dreams? Do you know what they mean? I often wonder what my dreams mean? Do you have good dreams or bad dreams? I think we have both. Last night I had a bad dream.  My dreams are so vivid they seem so real.  Are your dreams vivid? Do you ever dream about a loved one who has passed? We have all kinds of dreams. Dreams are our subconscious. Things we think about subconsciously in our sleep. Do you remember what you dream about? I love when I remember my dreams. I like to tell my family about my dreams.  We all dream whether we remember our dreams or not. Our thoughts are always racing through our minds.  When you are sleeping you should be relaxed and when you wake up you should feel rested and ready for the day. Your dreams are yours and no one can take them from you. Hold onto them and keep them close to your heart.  Share them with the one you love. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Our Pets

Do you have a pet? What kind? Is it a dog or cat? Maybe you own an exotic animal.  If so you are probably not allowed  so be careful . Pets make us feel better I cannot explain it unless you have a pet. We rescued a half boxer half Boston terrier back in April of 2017. It is a lot of hard work when they are puppies but so worth it. They bring so much joy and love to your family. They are now apart of your family. I was hesitant to get a dog but then I saw her picture and that was the end of that.  I had to have her. It is so wonderful having someone love you so much and be so loyal. I remember my dad saying we should get a dog and now I know why. It does make grieving a little better.  That is the best thing he ever said to do. When I am sad or sick she never leaves my side. She loves all of us so much and we love her. Her name is Minniebelle.  It fits her perfectly.  I do not know what I would do without her. I want to thank you Minniebelle for loving our family and being the best dog any family could ever ask for.  This blog today is dedicated to all rescues and all animals everywhere. Now onto the next life lesson.

Posting on social media

So do you post every moment of your life? I am not judging just asking. Is it smart to do that? Would you post you were going away for a month on social media? NOW that is NOT a good  idea. You may think only friends see but what if someone else does? They have your name and could very easily find out where you live.  Try and use some common sense. Now I know I am a blogger but I would never post something like that. I don’t post much on social media. Pictures of my dog and I say Good morning that is all. I do not post family pictures or even if I am just going to the store. Not everyone needs to know what you are doing. There are some out there that post their lives. Now that is their prerogative but I do not agree just saying. I am not saying I want to live in the woods I am just cautious and smart about it.

What sort of things do you post? Do you post your whole day, week, month or year? Of course it is  nice to share things but we also need to be smart about it.  There is a time and a place for everything. If you do not want your mother to see DO NOT post it. Do you post yourself partying? People you work for or future employers are going to see that. Is that smart? Look I am not perfect and I am not telling you what to do just reminding you there are consequences for your actions. I like to use social media for research or to ask for recommendations or to find about a place I may want to go.  You want to share your life with your friends and that is great how about sharing it in person or over the phone?  I also use it to advertise for my book. I think we need to stop and think is it worth posting? Why am I posting this? Is it a good idea? Is it safe? Nothing is really safe but you can take precautions on being more alert and aware.  I know you want to share your life but remember to be smart about it.    Now onto the next life lesson.

Live life

They say life is short and they are right. You blink and you are almost 50. It seems like yesterday you were in college figuring out life and what to do. Now you are living it and trying to learn to enjoy it.  Your kids are getting older which means you are getting older. You either feel great or you feel lousy. Hopefully, you feel great. Either way do not waste time on silly stuff, enjoy the days and nights that you can laugh and make memories because before you know it your time is up. Make friends, say hello, have that piece of cake, and remember the good times and just laugh a little more.  Sometimes we say goodbye way to soon.  To those who have left us to soon we will live our lives the best way we can. We will keep you in our hearts and you will live through us. God just gained an angel Saturday night. Rest easy Big D. We all love you.  This blog today is dedicated to our friend Big D. aka Dennis. I am sure you earned your wings already.  Now onto the next life lesson.

A long time friend

Today I write this blog for Big D as he was always called growing up. Big D is a great person.  He is someone I have known for a long time. We always had fun when we hung out. Big D and I joke if it is gravy or sauce. Well from now on in his future memory it is sauce.  He was a paralegal and he lived in NYC.  He worked hard and he loved his friends. Today my husband is on the way to see his childhood friend big D.  I will not say to say goodbye but to see you in the next life. I pray you are going to be in no pain. I pray for peace for you my friend.  I may even watch Y and R in your honor.  Even though GH is the best. LOL! We used to talk about that. I pray for you and my family prays for you. This blog today is dedicated to you. I will always remember the good times. Dinners at my house, Yankee games,my wedding, and many more fun times.  We love you Big D.  Now onto the next life lesson.

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