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Follow the golden rule

Do you remember what you learned in Kindergarten? Your ABC’s, your numbers,  to read, and especially how to treat others. They say treat others they way you want to be treated.  I believe that very much.  I also think people need to do the right thing. I think many people have forgotten that rule. Now not everyone but most people.  However you choose to live is your business BUT it does effect others and when you do not do the right thing it effects everyone. If you have done something wrong than own up to it. If you need to take care of something take care of it.  Do not blame others for your mistakes.  Do not make excuses. You need to take care of the problem and let life continue.  If you did something wrong fix it, If you said something mean apologize if we ALL we one kind act a day we are headed in the right direction.  Do not get me wrong we also need to stick up for ourselves or for others that are not able to. If you can be anything be kind. Now onto the next life lesson.

There playing our song

What kind of music do you like? How do certain songs make you feel? Does a certain song make you think of someone? I am sure the answer to all of the questions is yes. I have a few songs that make me think of certain people. Music makes us feel good. Music is a wonderful way to cope with certain things. It can calm us down and make us feel at peace.

There are many different types of music. We may not like all of them but there is plenty to choose some. Think about how often we need music.  If you are getting married you should have a wedding song, if you are watching a TV show it has a theme song and there are always music in the movies.

Music is a part of our lives, When I was a kid we had records and record players, then we had eight tracks, then we had cassette tapes and then CD’s. Now we just stream music.  We had tape recorders and boom boxes.  We had many different ways of listening to music. Now we have our phones to listen to music. It is amazing how far we have come to listen to music.  All of these listening devices were all ways  we listened to music. The boom box we could bring anywhere with us.

I remember my father had a gorgeous stereo and record player. He used to listen to Frank, (  I should not have to say his last name) Billie Holiday, and so much more. I always thought she sounded like she was strangling a cat. Not Frank always enjoyed him.  So when I hear Frank I think of my Dad.

Music can bring people together. It can be romantic and fun. Back in the day couples had love songs they shared.  So the next time you hear a tune enjoy it kick back and relax and let the music take over.

Now onto the next life lesson.

These are a few of my favorite things….

Do you have any favorite things? Of course you do we all do. What is your favorite food?  I can ask what was your favorite forever. We all like certain things better than others. Why is that? I guess it is what our brain tells us we like.  My favorite food is chicken. My favorite colors are pink and lavender.  What are your favorite colors? Do you see I can go on and on. It is a topic you can talk about and ask questions about forever. It could be an ice breaker question when meeting someone for the first time. It could be something you just know about the person you have known for along time. When you start to think alike and really know each other that is when you know each others favorite things.  We all love certain things better than others. My favorite dessert is chocolate moose. If is it not chocolate it is not dessert. That is what I always say.  What are some of your favorites? What do you like the very best. We have so many favorites and it is so much fun to talk about maybe others have the same favorites as you. You can have something in common with someone and build a friendship.  We all know what we love  Do you think it is a fun topic? I also love purses . It is one of the few things that I love so much. There is nothing better than a beautiful purse. my favorite meal, eating my favorite dessert watching my favorite movie and wearing my favorite pajamas.  What is your favorite? Let me hear from you.  Now onto the next life lesson.


Have you ever felt like you needed closure with something? Do you feel like something is missing without it? Maybe you dwell on it a lot because you do not have closure. I have felt like I have had no closure with a few things through out my life. I think it is so important to get closure you feel like you know it is done and over.  Maybe you did not get a chance to say goodbye to someone that had past away and you couldn’t. You will always have that missing feeling until you go there and have your own goodbye.  Closure is something we all need in life we need to know that life can move on and no open windows or doors left behind. Someone will close them . It should have been you. Why didn’t you? Did someone prevent you? Did someone have all the control? If that is the case  maybe have your own goodbye your own way and this way it is what you want and then maybe you will feel like you finally said goodbye.

When I was a little girl I was not allowed to go to my Mom’s funeral I thought why? “Don’t I get  a chance to say goodbye?” It was not even a funeral family just paid their respects and went home.  She deserved more than that.   Recently, my dad passed and I said goodbye but still feel there is more.   I never really had closure. When I was old enough to drive I went to pay my respects to my mom.  It felt like to much time had passed. The closure was still lingering.  I deserved that time and that opportunity. I  have felt that control all of my life and I will not have it anymore.   Always give someone a chance to do what they feel is right. Do not prevent someone from a goodbye . Think about how would you feel without closure?

Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Do you believe in an after life?

The question is simple do you believe? I believe there is a heaven. I believe in God and I believe in angels.  Everything happens in life for a reason. I think we get tested when we are going through a tough time. I think we get comfort from above when we need it. Lately, I have been getting these signs of comfort I cannot explain it I just know it.  If you do not believe that maybe the signs aren’t as strong but they are there. Pay attention to the little things. It is God saying hi or angel watching over you.   For a very long time I was praying for something and God answered my prayers and I am so grateful.  I think God put this plan in place for us for a reason. I truly believe in the power of prayer. I believe that God answers them in different ways.  One day it all comes together and we say thank you, God.

Maybe you do not believe in the after life and that is your choice. Some people have to see to believe. Some are just people of science they need proof. There is proof everywhere with the nature and the miracles around us.  There is proof when lives are saved and loved ones are reunited.  Trust me when I tell you God is here.

You have a choice to believe whatever you want that is the beauty of this beautiful country. God Bless America.  I would not force my beliefs on anyone. I am just simply sharing mine. I am not a very religious person but I do believe in all of what I said. If I did not think it was true I would not share it with all of you.

As always thank you for reading my blog . Now onto the next life lesson.

Be the voice

There is a saying be the voice not the echo. It definitely holds true. You should always say how you feel if not others will not listen. I have recently learned that if you put yourself second you are not doing yourself any favors people will like you but they will not respect you. Being a mom I have always put myself last. Only recently doing little things for myself a little more often. I hope I am not being selfish. I do not think so. I advocate for my kids, I fight for my kids, I keep a neat home, I care for my husband. Where is it written that I can’t practice self care? I have even been patting myself on the back. I am slowly learning to care for me because if I don’t than I fall apart and I have to be strong and lead.  I have to speak my mind and anyone that tells me otherwise is not someone who cares about me. I am a person with feelings and if you are not the voice than no one will hear you. Be the one who takes control and people respect. Do not sit in the darkness and listen to the voices.  Be the voice and do NOT let anyone tell you are bitching and complaining.  You need to be heard and you need to be the voice.  Are you the voice? Do you speak up? Do you want to be heard?  I want to hear from you.  Talk and listen. Be the voice! Now onto the next life lesson.


Do you like surprises? Do you like to be surprised? I do not like to be surprised,  However, I often dream of someone throwing me a beautiful  party . There would be tables outside a beautiful place with lavender table cloths and beautiful flowers for centerpieces maybe lilies.  The food would have to be Italian and all of my favorites. There would be a place where people could dance and a band. Then I wake up because I do not see that ever happening. It would be nice but that’s okay I am happy with a quiet dinner and my family.

What is your idea of a great party? What would you want to do? What would you want to have at your party?  Have you ever had a surprise party? I think once  a friend threw me a small one. It was very nice though.  I am not really a party person.  Someone who knows the food I like and the venue is key.  From the planning to the invites and every detail would have to be perfect.  I say that because I never put myself first and if I were I feel everything should be what I would want. Invitations would be printed and on lavender paper with fancy writing, lavender table cloths white chairs  and lilies and lavender flowers.  It has to look elegant.  I would want to catered by my favorite Italian restaurant down here or if it was up north it would be Alfredo’s without question.

I would want what I want and for once I am letting it out. I never say what I want I always say make it easy.   Now keep in mind this is all just talk and that’s it.  Sometimes I see parties for people hosted by friends and sometimes I wish that was me  or that I was included.   Guest list would not have to be big just very close friends.  I just would want it to be the way I want it and nothing less. Others have their day why not me?

Do you think someone would do this for you? Do you think they would be good at it? What would you want at your party? How would you plan it? I am sure it would be wonderful.

It is just nice to know that someone would go out of there way and plan something for someone they love and make it perfect.  Someone knows you so well that they would make an effort to make you feel extra special.

Even something as little as stopping to pick up flowers just to say I was thinking about you.  Getting a card in the mail that makes you laugh.  The other day my friends mom sent my daughter some valentine stuff in the mail that made her day. I was so happy for her. Someone thought of her and did something.

We need to do that more and it does not have to be expensive it could even be a phone call or a funny card you get in the mail. People need to know they are thought of and loved.

Thank you for reading my blog , Now onto the next life lesson.

Modern conveniences

WOW! I have seen a lot of different modern conveniences over the years. What about when they do not work? What do you do? I mean everything is on a computer these days.  Remember those enormous filing cabinets? Hmm sometimes I wish we still had them. I say that because just for one night and one afternoon we had no internet. We could not do any work on our computers. It was terrible but we lived. We carried on and we did other things. Do we have to many modern conveniences? As much as technology can be good it can also be a HUGE dependent.

We depend a lot on our laptops, our phones, and even our remote controls I remember when we had to get up to change the channel and there were not that many channels. I mean really think about we really are dependent on it all. I broke my old phone and lost some contacts luckily I had some written down in a book and from now on when I get a new contact I write it down in my notebook with all the others. We have to have back ups. I love my laptop it allows me to write and create my books and blogs for all of you my readers.  I am glad we have modern conveniences but we also need to talk to each other.

I see people out to eat on their phones. PUT DOWN THE PHONE AND TALK!  We are losing human contact and it is sad.  Let’s meet for coffee or lunch and talk.  PUT your modern convenience down and look at the person.  Do you text or talk more? Are you dependent on the internet? Are you always posting?  I want to hear from you.  Do you double and triple back things up? Do you ever write anything down anymore? How about a planner or address book do you still have one of those or is everything in that phone?

I mean I do not want to live like the Fred and Wilma but still maybe we need less screen time and more real face time. How long can you go without it?  Have a contest with your friends and see how long you  can go without posting, texting and going on line. Just call someone on their house phone and meet up like they did in my day.  Go on let me know how you do.  Thank you for reading my blog and I apologize for not being able to blog yesterday. Now onto the next life lesson.

Saint Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the couples out there! Actually. St Valentine’s was not a happy day.  In 1929 it was a massacre . It was a murder of seven members associated with Chicago’s North Side Gang.  These men were at a garage in Lincoln Park. They lined up against a wall and were shot by  four unknown assailants dressed like police officers on February 14, 1929.

Aside from that terrible story it has become a day where romance is in the air and couples get engaged or married. Roses are being delivered to loved ones. You go out and celebrate your love. What a day!


Today is my 21st Anniversary. 21 years ago today my husband and I stood before God and exchanged vows. We incorporated both the Jewish and Catholic traditions.  My best friend was my made of honor and my brother in law was the best man.  We had groomsman and bridesmaids. It really was a beautiful wedding.  The day was beautiful and ceremony was perfect.  So much tine and energy went into planning this one day.

The planning did not go without stress and aggravation. No day is perfect but it was close.  The one missing was my father. He refused to go he wanted his way. It was not his day. He could not put his differences aside and just walk me down the isle. It has hurt me for years and now he is gone. He would not step foot in a church. BUT when his beloved M died he did. What a punch in the gut.

All of my friends of the Jewish faith were so impressed on how we did the ceremony. That meant so much to me.  Even though I am not religious I felt it was important to include . My Dad is the one that missed out on my day. It was his choice and now I gave him that burden to carry on in the after life. It is not my burden to carry.

To all you couples out there I hope you have strength to get through the rough times and stick by each other no matter what.  You love all of that person inside and out.

To the couples just starting out just be yourselves and love your  other half with everything you have. In life you will sacrifice and compromise and learn about each other. Relationships are 100 100 not 50 50.  You learn to give and take, you learn to love each other and kiss each other goodnight no matter what.  Do not walk away angry.

Most of all love each other and hold each other. Communicate your feelings. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Now onto the next life lesson.


How important is communication? I would say it is very important to communicate so you know what is going on in your life. It is important to communicate with your spouse, your boss, your family. your friends, and anyone else important in your life. You want to make sure you have said the right thing and that everyone involved understands. If you do not communicate than no one knows what to do or what is going on. I do not think that is a good feeling. I always communicate with my family. I let them know what is going on throughout the day. what needs to be done, and most important tell them I love them. What if you never heard those words? How sad would that be?  This is why communication is so important. The perfect way to communicate is to tell someone something in person. Have family dinners and talk about your day. Let your family know what is going on. At work have weekly meetings and give the heads up for the day. It is important to communicate with teachers when your kids are in school.  The worst place you can be is in the dark. No one wants to be in the dark. You cannot see a thing and you do not know what is going on. If you are aware of everything going on than that is a very good thing. This means you are a good communicator. I commend you for that. Let me know how you communicate. How often do you communicate? It is so important to put the phone down and talk . I mean really talk and listen and make eye contact. I would love to hear from my readers. Are you reading my blogs? Come on let’s talk. Now onto the next life lesson.

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