There is a saying be the voice not the echo. It definitely holds true. You should always say how you feel if not others will not listen. I have recently learned that if you put yourself second you are not doing yourself any favors people will like you but they will not respect you. Being a mom I have always put myself last. Only recently doing little things for myself a little more often. I hope I am not being selfish. I do not think so. I advocate for my kids, I fight for my kids, I keep a neat home, I care for my husband. Where is it written that I can’t practice self care? I have even been patting myself on the back. I am slowly learning to care for me because if I don’t than I fall apart and I have to be strong and lead.  I have to speak my mind and anyone that tells me otherwise is not someone who cares about me. I am a person with feelings and if you are not the voice than no one will hear you. Be the one who takes control and people respect. Do not sit in the darkness and listen to the voices.  Be the voice and do NOT let anyone tell you are bitching and complaining.  You need to be heard and you need to be the voice.  Are you the voice? Do you speak up? Do you want to be heard?  I want to hear from you.  Talk and listen. Be the voice! Now onto the next life lesson.