Have you ever felt like you needed closure with something? Do you feel like something is missing without it? Maybe you dwell on it a lot because you do not have closure. I have felt like I have had no closure with a few things through out my life. I think it is so important to get closure you feel like you know it is done and over.  Maybe you did not get a chance to say goodbye to someone that had past away and you couldn’t. You will always have that missing feeling until you go there and have your own goodbye.  Closure is something we all need in life we need to know that life can move on and no open windows or doors left behind. Someone will close them . It should have been you. Why didn’t you? Did someone prevent you? Did someone have all the control? If that is the case  maybe have your own goodbye your own way and this way it is what you want and then maybe you will feel like you finally said goodbye.

When I was a little girl I was not allowed to go to my Mom’s funeral I thought why? “Don’t I get  a chance to say goodbye?” It was not even a funeral family just paid their respects and went home.  She deserved more than that.   Recently, my dad passed and I said goodbye but still feel there is more.   I never really had closure. When I was old enough to drive I went to pay my respects to my mom.  It felt like to much time had passed. The closure was still lingering.  I deserved that time and that opportunity. I  have felt that control all of my life and I will not have it anymore.   Always give someone a chance to do what they feel is right. Do not prevent someone from a goodbye . Think about how would you feel without closure?

Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.