Do you remember what you learned in Kindergarten? Your ABC’s, your numbers,  to read, and especially how to treat others. They say treat others they way you want to be treated.  I believe that very much.  I also think people need to do the right thing. I think many people have forgotten that rule. Now not everyone but most people.  However you choose to live is your business BUT it does effect others and when you do not do the right thing it effects everyone. If you have done something wrong than own up to it. If you need to take care of something take care of it.  Do not blame others for your mistakes.  Do not make excuses. You need to take care of the problem and let life continue.  If you did something wrong fix it, If you said something mean apologize if we ALL we one kind act a day we are headed in the right direction.  Do not get me wrong we also need to stick up for ourselves or for others that are not able to. If you can be anything be kind. Now onto the next life lesson.