WOW! I have seen a lot of different modern conveniences over the years. What about when they do not work? What do you do? I mean everything is on a computer these days.  Remember those enormous filing cabinets? Hmm sometimes I wish we still had them. I say that because just for one night and one afternoon we had no internet. We could not do any work on our computers. It was terrible but we lived. We carried on and we did other things. Do we have to many modern conveniences? As much as technology can be good it can also be a HUGE dependent.

We depend a lot on our laptops, our phones, and even our remote controls I remember when we had to get up to change the channel and there were not that many channels. I mean really think about we really are dependent on it all. I broke my old phone and lost some contacts luckily I had some written down in a book and from now on when I get a new contact I write it down in my notebook with all the others. We have to have back ups. I love my laptop it allows me to write and create my books and blogs for all of you my readers.  I am glad we have modern conveniences but we also need to talk to each other.

I see people out to eat on their phones. PUT DOWN THE PHONE AND TALK!  We are losing human contact and it is sad.  Let’s meet for coffee or lunch and talk.  PUT your modern convenience down and look at the person.  Do you text or talk more? Are you dependent on the internet? Are you always posting?  I want to hear from you.  Do you double and triple back things up? Do you ever write anything down anymore? How about a planner or address book do you still have one of those or is everything in that phone?

I mean I do not want to live like the Fred and Wilma but still maybe we need less screen time and more real face time. How long can you go without it?  Have a contest with your friends and see how long you  can go without posting, texting and going on line. Just call someone on their house phone and meet up like they did in my day.  Go on let me know how you do.  Thank you for reading my blog and I apologize for not being able to blog yesterday. Now onto the next life lesson.