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Are you a picky eater?

Are you a picky person? Do you not like certain foods? Do you only eat certain foods? Do you eat healthy? Do you eat three meals a day? What foods do you not like? I do not like mushrooms. anchovies, pickled herring, beans,mustard, corned beef, or liver. I think that almost covers it. I guess you would say I am a little picky. I do stick to foods I like, If a dish has most foods I like I will eat it. If not no thank you.  I remember my Dad loved herring I always thought it looked like brains in a jar. He used to say how delicious it was. YUCK! I could not even look at it. If you like that stuff that’s great. I am just being honest. What foods do you not like? Do you like all kinds of foods. Oh, and I do not like sushi. I have tried it and it was not for me.  I know some people only eat certain foods Some change their entire lifestyle to feel good.  I think that is great.  I think what you eat effects you. We all need to eat a little healthier. Have you tried to do that? Do you eat healthy? I eat what I like. I do like salad, vegetables and fruit. However, I also like my pasta and chicken. Maybe soon I will make a lifestyle change. Will you? I do workout five days a week. I think that helps.  What about you do you exercise? How do you feel each day? I want to hear from you. I want to know what you do to stay in shape. Have a blessed day and thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Your Best friend

Who is your best friend? How long have you known them? Were you instant friends? What do you have in common? Do they live close or far away? Do you talk to them often? WOW that is a lot of questions.  I have best friend we will call her J. J lives pretty far. We do talk often.  I do not know what I would do without her. She is often my voice of reason.  We have helped each other through many situations. What about your best friend? What makes a best friend? I think it is someone who cares about you and doesn’t judge you or care how you look or what you do. A good listener, a fair person and one who will keep your secrets for life.  I wish J lived closer. We would have mornings to sit and talk and laugh. We laugh like crazy when we are together. I love to laugh with her. We met officially in junior high. If I had not had a pen then who knows what would have happened. I think J is the best. I love her stories and just hearing her voice on the other end of the phone makes me happy.  I am a very lucky person to have found such a great BFF.  I have other friends who are great and who I adore and you know who you are. Right R? Yes, you do R, K, K squared, and Turtle dove of course. I do not need a million friends all I need is a few to keep me going on the friendship trail.   We have so many inside jokes. She is the sister I never had. Even her family is the greatest. Thank you J for many years of listening. laughing, learning about one another, sharing stories, and just being US.  As the song goes thank you for being my friend.  Or in our case my best friend. Now onto the next life lesson. (Do you have a pen?)

The Best Dog

Most of us would say we have the best dog or cat. Well maybe that is true. Of course it is. We love our pets. Our pets are loving, loyal, and just want to be with us. Today I want to take the time to wish my dog a very Happy Birthday! She is two years old today. I love my dog very much. I could not imagine not having her. Our pets are our family. I was the first one to wish her a Happy Birthday. Do you have a pet? What kind do you have? What is their name? Are they apart of your family? Our dog is definitely a part of ours. We love her so much.  Does your pet do tricks?  I think having a pet is a good stress release they really help more than you know. If you do not have a pet that is okay too.  If you live by yourself I highly recommend getting a pet.  They are the best security system.  It is amazing how well my dog and can hear and smell. I love my dog and I hope that you love your pet as much as I love mine.  Please comment about your pet . I would love to hear what you have to say. Now onto the next life lesson.

Peace and Quiet

I love the silence in the morning. I love my ME time. I do not get a lot of that. That;s okay I cherish what I do get.  I get up very early everyday and I start my morning routine. I won’t bore you with that. I will tell you that everything gets done even a work out. I write in my blog so that you have something to read each day. I do not write on the weekends.  I enjoy my quiet time. I sit and I say my prayers and I just reflect on the past week. Do you have ME time? Do you have quiet time for yourself? Everyone needs their quiet time. We need time to just sit and think. When is your quiet time? What do you do for you?  I am the only one up this early in the morning and by the time I am all done with what I have to do it is time to wake up the girls for school.  I hope you have a blessed Friday and thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Stress and Frustration

I think stress and frustration go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. It is true because when you are stressed you are frustrated and when you frustrated you are stressed.  What makes you stressed? Do you get frustrated? Of course we all do. It is a fact of life. Some of us are better hiding it than others.  While some people it is out on display.  How do the easy goers do it? How are they so  carefree? Or is it an act and they only show their emotions in private? We will never know.  You do not know what goes behind closed doors.  What stresses you out? What frustrates you ? Do you get frustrated easily? I think that many things cause stress such as money problems, jobs, and many other factors. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone. Break down how you feel and let it out. It would help to have  someone that you trust.  It should not be just anyone.  Who can you trust these days? There are very few people you can trust.  It is a different world today. I think exercise helps ease stress and frustration.  Some people are emotional eaters. They just keep eating and eating.  Others develop bad habits and get themselves in trouble.  There are so many healthy ways to deal with stress you can change your diet, change what you watch on TV, exercise and do a complete makeover of yourself from the inside out. You can pray and talk to God, These are healthy ways of dealing with high stress and frustration. Think about and let me know your success stories. I would love to hear.  Remember you can do anything you put your mind to. Now onto the next life lesson.

Is there something funny?

Do you have a sense of humor? Do you laugh a lot? Would you play a practical joke on someone? Do you like to be around funny people? If you enjoy all of those things than that is wonderful. If you are not into being funny and do not have a sense of humor that is your prerogative.  However, you may be missing out. They say laughter is the best medicine.  Sometimes moments in our lives take over and we forget all about the laughter.  We should not do that. We need to laugh more and have fun in life. You only get one chance to do that. Go out there and laugh. Have some good clean fun. I  think everyone should laugh at least ten times a day if not more.  There are way to many serious people out there who need some laughter.

How about it are you going to start laughing? Are you going to get out there and tell some jokes? Are you funny? Maybe you have what it takes to be a comedian. Well let’s not push it. Is there anyone in your life that is funny? I used to hang out with a lot of funny people growing up. They used to say my laugh was contagious. I miss those days. I think I need to laugh more.  We get so wrapped up in our everyday lives it is hard to have time to do anything else but our daily routine. Maybe we need to incorporate some laughter in our routine. I think if there was more laughter our lives would be better.  We need to make more memories and laugh.  I want to  hear from you. I want to know what is so funny. Please share your funny. Let’s laugh together.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Good things come to those who wait

I think that good things come to those who wait. If you have faith and you believe enough good things will happen. If you do not have a positive attitude than you will be surrounded by negative people. If you are a positive person than good people will want to be around you. Are you a a positive person? Do good things come to you? Or are you a negative person? I think we all have our days which brings on the mood we are in. If you are positive every day than that is great. You have a great outlook on life and you are probably very easy going. I like that in a person. I love to be positive and I enjoy being around people who have a good outlook on life.  For some it is not so easy they have not had it easy in life and sometimes appear to be negative when in reality they are fighting to survive each day.  If we all made more of an effort to be positive the world would be a much better place.  What do you think? I believe that we all have our good days and bad days however, there is always something to smile about.  Let’s do this let’s spread some positive energy. We could use more happiness in the world. Are you happy? Are you positive? Do you wake up ready to start your day? Let me know. Now onto the next life lesson.


Someone once said people unite together for the Oscars, the super bowl, and a tragedy.  Do you think that is true? It probably is you have parties for the Super Bowl. You may have a gathering to watch the Oscars and we tend to morn together for a tragedy. I guess that statement would be true. It is nice to have parties and come together root for your team and celebrate if they win. It is nice to see someone you admire win an Oscar and it is nice to see the country morn together and unite. I remember when 911 happened people put their American flags out and New Yorkers seemed closer than ever. People helped one another and came together. Our Police, fireman, paramedics, and the people of NYC.  Even Gov. Pataki and  Mayor Giuliani found their peace with one another. It was one of the worst days in history in a very long time.  Let’s not forget the Pentagon and the land in PA. Everyone was a hero that day.  I think our country needs to reunite more often. I think we need to come together instead of a divide. What do you think? Can you think of another time when our nation unites together? I want to know what you think.  I want to hear from my readers. Either way I am proud to be an American. I proudly hang my flag outside my house and I thank God every day I open my eyes. I say my prayers and I know God hears me. I had a prayer I was saying for awhile and it was answered. I believe and I know God is always there. Thank you reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

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