Happy Valentine’s Day to all the couples out there! Actually. St Valentine’s was not a happy day.  In 1929 it was a massacre . It was a murder of seven members associated with Chicago’s North Side Gang.  These men were at a garage in Lincoln Park. They lined up against a wall and were shot by  four unknown assailants dressed like police officers on February 14, 1929.

Aside from that terrible story it has become a day where romance is in the air and couples get engaged or married. Roses are being delivered to loved ones. You go out and celebrate your love. What a day!


Today is my 21st Anniversary. 21 years ago today my husband and I stood before God and exchanged vows. We incorporated both the Jewish and Catholic traditions.  My best friend was my made of honor and my brother in law was the best man.  We had groomsman and bridesmaids. It really was a beautiful wedding.  The day was beautiful and ceremony was perfect.  So much tine and energy went into planning this one day.

The planning did not go without stress and aggravation. No day is perfect but it was close.  The one missing was my father. He refused to go he wanted his way. It was not his day. He could not put his differences aside and just walk me down the isle. It has hurt me for years and now he is gone. He would not step foot in a church. BUT when his beloved M died he did. What a punch in the gut.

All of my friends of the Jewish faith were so impressed on how we did the ceremony. That meant so much to me.  Even though I am not religious I felt it was important to include . My Dad is the one that missed out on my day. It was his choice and now I gave him that burden to carry on in the after life. It is not my burden to carry.

To all you couples out there I hope you have strength to get through the rough times and stick by each other no matter what.  You love all of that person inside and out.

To the couples just starting out just be yourselves and love your  other half with everything you have. In life you will sacrifice and compromise and learn about each other. Relationships are 100 100 not 50 50.  You learn to give and take, you learn to love each other and kiss each other goodnight no matter what.  Do not walk away angry.

Most of all love each other and hold each other. Communicate your feelings. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Now onto the next life lesson.