Do you like surprises? Do you like to be surprised? I do not like to be surprised,  However, I often dream of someone throwing me a beautiful  party . There would be tables outside a beautiful place with lavender table cloths and beautiful flowers for centerpieces maybe lilies.  The food would have to be Italian and all of my favorites. There would be a place where people could dance and a band. Then I wake up because I do not see that ever happening. It would be nice but that’s okay I am happy with a quiet dinner and my family.

What is your idea of a great party? What would you want to do? What would you want to have at your party?  Have you ever had a surprise party? I think once  a friend threw me a small one. It was very nice though.  I am not really a party person.  Someone who knows the food I like and the venue is key.  From the planning to the invites and every detail would have to be perfect.  I say that because I never put myself first and if I were I feel everything should be what I would want. Invitations would be printed and on lavender paper with fancy writing, lavender table cloths white chairs  and lilies and lavender flowers.  It has to look elegant.  I would want to catered by my favorite Italian restaurant down here or if it was up north it would be Alfredo’s without question.

I would want what I want and for once I am letting it out. I never say what I want I always say make it easy.   Now keep in mind this is all just talk and that’s it.  Sometimes I see parties for people hosted by friends and sometimes I wish that was me  or that I was included.   Guest list would not have to be big just very close friends.  I just would want it to be the way I want it and nothing less. Others have their day why not me?

Do you think someone would do this for you? Do you think they would be good at it? What would you want at your party? How would you plan it? I am sure it would be wonderful.

It is just nice to know that someone would go out of there way and plan something for someone they love and make it perfect.  Someone knows you so well that they would make an effort to make you feel extra special.

Even something as little as stopping to pick up flowers just to say I was thinking about you.  Getting a card in the mail that makes you laugh.  The other day my friends mom sent my daughter some valentine stuff in the mail that made her day. I was so happy for her. Someone thought of her and did something.

We need to do that more and it does not have to be expensive it could even be a phone call or a funny card you get in the mail. People need to know they are thought of and loved.

Thank you for reading my blog , Now onto the next life lesson.