What kind of music do you like? How do certain songs make you feel? Does a certain song make you think of someone? I am sure the answer to all of the questions is yes. I have a few songs that make me think of certain people. Music makes us feel good. Music is a wonderful way to cope with certain things. It can calm us down and make us feel at peace.

There are many different types of music. We may not like all of them but there is plenty to choose some. Think about how often we need music.  If you are getting married you should have a wedding song, if you are watching a TV show it has a theme song and there are always music in the movies.

Music is a part of our lives, When I was a kid we had records and record players, then we had eight tracks, then we had cassette tapes and then CD’s. Now we just stream music.  We had tape recorders and boom boxes.  We had many different ways of listening to music. Now we have our phones to listen to music. It is amazing how far we have come to listen to music.  All of these listening devices were all ways  we listened to music. The boom box we could bring anywhere with us.

I remember my father had a gorgeous stereo and record player. He used to listen to Frank, (  I should not have to say his last name) Billie Holiday, and so much more. I always thought she sounded like she was strangling a cat. Not Frank always enjoyed him.  So when I hear Frank I think of my Dad.

Music can bring people together. It can be romantic and fun. Back in the day couples had love songs they shared.  So the next time you hear a tune enjoy it kick back and relax and let the music take over.

Now onto the next life lesson.