Do you have any favorite things? Of course you do we all do. What is your favorite food?  I can ask what was your favorite forever. We all like certain things better than others. Why is that? I guess it is what our brain tells us we like.  My favorite food is chicken. My favorite colors are pink and lavender.  What are your favorite colors? Do you see I can go on and on. It is a topic you can talk about and ask questions about forever. It could be an ice breaker question when meeting someone for the first time. It could be something you just know about the person you have known for along time. When you start to think alike and really know each other that is when you know each others favorite things.  We all love certain things better than others. My favorite dessert is chocolate moose. If is it not chocolate it is not dessert. That is what I always say.  What are some of your favorites? What do you like the very best. We have so many favorites and it is so much fun to talk about maybe others have the same favorites as you. You can have something in common with someone and build a friendship.  We all know what we love  Do you think it is a fun topic? I also love purses . It is one of the few things that I love so much. There is nothing better than a beautiful purse. my favorite meal, eating my favorite dessert watching my favorite movie and wearing my favorite pajamas.  What is your favorite? Let me hear from you.  Now onto the next life lesson.