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My Father

A year ago today my father passed away.   It was a year ago it was a Sunday early morning at 6:19 in the morning. The nurse Kathy from Hospice had called and I had missed it and called her right back. I will never forget her words she told me he had passed away at 6:19 am. I was so sad. I knew it was coming but I was still sad. I sat down in on my floor in the hallway and cried and cried. I phoned my Aunt and told her and she said, I am going to go be sad right now. I  called my brother and left him a message and he called me back. I just said, He is gone. Just like that my Dad was gone. On that day I hung out with a neighbor and we had pizza. We just hung out and talked. I know it happened but it seems like I was just an invisible guest watching myself. Sounds weird but I cannot explain it. Either way I was with people that care about me and good people. I will never forget their hospitality. It is funny what you remember during sad times. It could be the littliest thing. But it was a big thing to me. I will always remember that. Thank you P and S. You know who you are. And to My Dad I love you and I hope you are at peace. Tonight it is chocolate ice cream for dessert.  God is good. Amen. Now onto the next life lesson.

The New Normal

From online learning to social distancing. This is the temporary new normal. It feels like a dream I cannot wake up from. How can this be happening? I have to say that we have been adjusting. It has it’s good points and bad. All in all I am okay with it. We are all learning and doing.  I am so proud of my kids for doing their work and practicing and learning today. It was a great home school day. How are you adjusting? Are you working from home? How about your family? Are you practicing social distancing? We all get through this. I know we will. Our lives will continue. I have faith in God and our country. Let me know how you are doing.


AND TO THE People spamming me please STOP and  do something productive! Now onto the next life lesson. Stay well everyone!

Getting Creative

It seems like forever that we have seen “our normal routines” If you think about it we are asked to do something very simple and that is stay in our homes. Now granted we are used to running errands and going to work, and school but this time things are in a holding pattern. All we can do is have faith in God. He will guide us. Right now it seems like forever but we will get through this.  So we spend some time with our loved ones. Maybe God is trying to tell us something to appreciate each other and be grateful. On the other hand Americans do not like to be inconvenienced. We want things right away and we want to know that we have enough of everything.  Every time I hear about this I want to scream. I have been doing activities with my kids. We have been reading and practicing our skills.  All stuff that we should be doing anyway. What are you doing? Are you working from home? Are you reading more books? Send me your ideas. Online school starts Monday. I did my first zoom conference. It was nice to see the teachers. I wish everyone good health. Now onto the next life lesson.


Cooped Up

Are you cooped up because of the craziness going on? What have you been doing? Maybe you work from home.   Your kids are doing their online school and you are trying to get through each day. It is not easy. We will get through this tough time.  After all we are Americans and we are strong. We have faith we  will beat this. I am trying to focus on other things. It is not always easy. So my suggestion to you is after work get a board game, play with the family.  You can even play charades. Have you thought of that”? Than maybe when you have exhausted all of that curl up with a book or watch some Netflix. Stop watching the news. It is just to painful. I am glad to be back blogging. You can ever download my book Someday from Amazon or buy the book. You will not regret it.  Plus it helps me earn money for my family. Thank you in advance for your purchase.  Try and remain calm and pray . Now onto the next life lesson.


Power of prayer

With everything going on in the world let’ talk about good things. We can share what makes us happy. Think happy thoughts, pray and ask God for help.  He is going to pull us through this difficult time. It is just going to take some time. We are strong and we are going to think positive. How about you?  How are my readers out there? Think about what makes you happy and do it.   Be kind and listen to one another, show respect for one another, and think positive. If you do all of those things life will get better. I honestly believe that. If you surround yourself with positive people than you will be happy. Life can be hard but it is good. We cannot lose faith.  You should always have faith. The country has been through worse and we will get through this.  All we have to do is have faith, pray and life will get better. Did you forget how good and powerful our father is? That is just it. You have to believe and it will. Now onto the next life lesson.

To Spend or save that is the question?

Do you like to spend money? Are you careful with your money? Do you spend your whole paycheck? Do you save your money? Do you use coupons? How do you plan for retirement? Of course we like to spend money BUT your first priority should be your bills as long as you have a roof over your head, food to eat, electricity and water you are in good shape.  It is important to save some of your money as well. You should put away a little bit of your paycheck each time you get paid in case of an emergency.  Most people live paycheck to paycheck.  This is sad. People love to spend money. We love to have the best. It is great to have goals and earn what you have and know that you have extra in the bank.  If we saved more and spent less we would have less worries. Of course we worry about losing our jobs or getting ill.  Either way, we need to live our lives. We need to also be careful about spending. Of course you can treat yourself every once in awhile. Just know that bills are paid first, and everything else second. Maybe make a family budget and stick to it. Each person can spend a certain amount and also save a certain amount. If you see it clearly written on a spread sheet or a BIG chart it is visual and you will look at it and see what your family spends per month. Believe me my husband loves spread sheets. You will see a difference. Let me know how you do. Do you spend more now or save more ? How does your family do it? Now onto the next life lesson.

Why is the question?

We always want to know why. It is such a common question. Why did this happen? Why did you leave?  Why is always want we want to know. Why are you not my friend anymore? Why am I always the one left out? So many Why questions. Sometimes we know the answer and other times we do not.  Why is so common. We are curious and always want answers. What is wrong with that? I want to know why all the time.  People ask each other why all the time. Why haven’t I heard from you? Why are you mad ?   Why am I the one always left out? We are always asking ourselves why this why that.  Don’t you ever want to know why? Aren’t you curious? Have you gotten any answers? Why are there more questions than answers? I wonder why about a lot of things.

I do know one thing I know who I can count on and what I need to do each day.  Sometimes I know why and other times I do not.  Sometimes the answer is what is has been for years. Of course when things go wrong you wonder why me? Why am I going through this and you think you are the only one.


We all have whys in our lives. We all have stuff we go through in life.   We all wonder why once in awhile. I do know one thing I know who cares about me and I know who loves me. To be honest that is all that matters. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Self Care

How many of you practice self care? If you said, yes what do you do? How do you do it? Do you ever put yourself first? I try and do little things for myself. In the past year I have been through a lot. I have been a little sad but I feel like I am getting better. Being a Mom I feel it is very hard to put myself first. Yesterday, I did some retail therapy and it was fun. My husband and I went out alone and we had a lot of fun. We need that every once in awhile.  Also, after my bereavement I have been taking myself out to lunch nothing fancy just a little lunch to sit and eat and gather my thoughts.  A wise woman once said, Every once in awhile pat yourself on the back for something that made you feel good.  You know what I have been doing that. I am trying to learn that you can still care for your family and practice self care.  It is okay to be good to yourself first sometimes. As a mom I need to remember that I need to take care of myself in order to take care of everyone else. How about you? What do you do ? Do you ever set time for yourself? Do you ever pamper yourself? If not maybe you should . You would feel so much better if you did and then you can care for your family even better because you are well cared for. What do you think? Think about it and comment below. Now onto the next life lesson.

Otherwise known as the Greatest Teacher

We have all had our share of good ones and bad ones. We know the ones that believe in us and help us with our struggles. The ones that go above and beyond are the ones that we admire. I wonder if the others will ever realize the damage they caused in their storm.  I would guess probably not. Are they the most memorable? No, they are the ones we would like to forget.  The ones that stand out are the ones we admire and remember. The ones that taught us things ways we would understand, or the ones that spent time explaining the math that looked Greek.  How about the ones that recognized us for making such amazing progress? I remember that teacher very well.

Let’s fast forward to our children and the time they put in to understand and learn from these teachers.  My kids are so lucky they have the BEST teachers as far as I can tell.  There is one in particular that deserves the MOST recognition.  We will call her M/P.  She is by far the greatest, smartest, most creative, kind, and most amazing.  She is the most dedicated person I have ever met.  She loves these kids and she cares about them and their parents. She goes above and beyond.  The school is so lucky to have her. We are so grateful that she is teaching our kids. Our kids are learning and absorbing the information. She explains things in ways they understand.  Thank you M/P for all everything! We love you! If anyone is reading this blog and knows who I am talking about then when it comes time she should be teacher of the year.

Lord knows we have had our share of winners. We will not get into that. The ones that showed no effort and the ones that caused the problems where are they now? How is that form of teaching working out for you? I bet not to well. So to those so long and farewell.  Good luck selling that.

To ALL of the dedicated teachers, a BIG THANK YOU!  Now onto the next life lesson.


As little girls we dream about our prince and wearing a beautiful gown.  BUT it is not about that at all. It is about learning about each other, getting to know each other, Is he a saver? Does he spend a lot? Is he driven? We all think about it the type of person we want to marry. What type do you like? Are you married?  If so how long? Marriage is hard and family is even harder. Keeping up with everything and listening to everyone’s needs is hard work.  It is about doing for each other and respecting each other.   You love your spouse for everything that they are.  You know each other inside and out. You fight , you make up, you cry, you laugh and you work together to a common goal. Anyone that tells you that they do not fight that is a lie. I am sorry that is impossible. You have to fight it is healthy and as long as you do not go to bed angry than you are fine. Always remember the reasons you got married, remember how much you love each other.

Most important BE KIND to each other. Words can hurt. Even if you feel like you cannot do anything right you can and you do, NO ONE should treat you like you are nothing  You are something and someone.  Always forgive and love.  Be there for each other in good times and in bad.  Be grateful for the family that you have and lead by example.

Always kiss each other goodnight.  Now onto the next life lesson.

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