Right now we are team America and we are fighting a invisible enemy. It is crazy. I wonder where is God? He is here and I think he is teaching us a lesson about life and death. I think he is telling us to listen and pay attention to what is around us. He believes in us and he will get us through this.


All of that said. I think we need to THINK GOD. We need to talk to him more acknowledge his presence. Believe in him again or start to believe in him. He needs us and we need him.

What are you doing to keep well? What are you doing with your family? Are you happy to he home? I am happy to he with my family but i want my kids back in school. I want this to be over and time and life to continue. Time will not stop and all things considered life is good. We just have to do the most simple thing and that is stay home.  After all we are lucky to be healthy and with our loves ones.


Now onto the next life lesson.