Who do you love? Are you married? Are you dating? You must have someone that you care about.  I hope whoever it is loves you back. I hope they treat you like gold. I hope you never let them go and vice versa. True love so hard to come by. To actually find your soulmate. Someone that you love with all of your heart. You trust them with everything. You confide in them and they confide in you. You are so lucky to have found that love. One day you realize that you only want to be with that person and you take that step and you say Yes, and then I do. You are official and you have each other for the rest of your lives. How does that feel? When you find the ONE you will know in you heart.  You have taken that step and you grow as a couple. You expand your family and your love. Now you have a family. You have the gift of love with your family. Hold on to that love it is rare .  He loves you and you love him and together you love your children, He puts both of you first. He holds you and you know you are safe. The bond you share is incredible. Hold onto that love. Work together and love each other. Now onto the next life lesson.