What is your dream? What do you actually want to do with your life? If you were given a wish what would you wish for? Oh wait don’t tell me than it won’t come true. Just keep trying and believing your hard work will pay off. Do you have many dreams or just ONE big one?  How will you make your dreams come true? What can you do to make it happen?  Do you need to go to college to accomplish this dream? Do you need mental or physical training? What is it that you need to do. I can tell you this do not give up on any of your dreams. Do not take NO for an answer. DO not give up.  Do not say I can’t. Those are all examples of people who would have given up if they had  listened to those haters and non believers. You are a believer and dreamer. Have faith and you can do anything.  Can you imagine if our founding fathers had given up? Can you imagine if Michael Jordan never played basketball? Can you imagine if the Wright brothers gave up? Exactly, so do not ever give up no matter what your dream is.  Now onto the next life lesson.