Do you have a hero? Who do you admire? Is it someone close to you? I think we all admire someone in our lives.  There is always someone that we think is special. Maybe it is your mom or dad. Maybe it is a sibling or a best friend. It can be who ever you feel deserves the title of hero.  Heroes do not have to wear capes and save us from villains.  I believe we have the ability to be heroes each and every one of us.

I know we have a lot going on right now and everyone is saying our medical workers, doctors, first responders, and nurses are our heroes. Haven’t they always been? I think so.  My Dad and mom were both in the medical field. My Mom was a RN nurse and my Dad was a cancer specialist. To a lot of people they were heroes.  They put their lives on the line for all kinds of people and saved lives.  Except to me I always wanted my mom home when I got home from school like all the other mommies ‘in the neighborhood.  When it rained I always wished she was there to pick me up.  I used to get a ride from time to time. Thank you to late Mrs. W for giving me rides home. You always had a smile so I guess at that time you were my hero. You did not have a cape you just did something to be nice to a little girl who was your neighbor. I will never forget that.

If you are lucky enough to find your hero do not ever forget to say thank you.

Now onto the next life lesson.