What is your out? What do you like to do that is just for you? It could be anything Maybe a cup of coffee outside, walk on the beach, Curl up with a good book, or binge watch or favorite old show. We all need something to keep us grounded. Something that makes us happy. Maybe no one knows your out and that is okay. We do not have to post everything to the whole world. I cannot stand that.

You must have something that you do that is just for you. We all do for others all day long what about you? We all need time for us.  I want to hear from you my readers. What is your out? Are you handy? Do you like house projects? Are you an artist or a writer?  I know my out it is my blog and my books. I love to write . I can create a character just by how I feel. It could be an antagonist or a protagonist or just a simple character that makes a cameo. I love my style the one thing I am really good at. I am proud of that.  I have not said that out loud. If only my book would sell more.

I believe it will because I believe in my writing. I love to create.  So tell me your story what do you like? I want to hear from you .  What have you created? What is on your mind? Go deep within your soul and open your heart find your OUT.


Now onto the next life lesson.