Month: May 2020

Finding Peace

Peace is so simple yet very difficult to come by. Sometimes we have situations or people in our lives that cause nothing but problems. We need to cut those out of our lives and when we do we have some peace. True peace is not easy. We all need to to peace in our lives.  If you do not have peace you need to take the steps to get it. It is not easy but you can do it. I have faith in you. God is giving you strength . When you cut out the people that make problems life is so much better. Life is good but it is short and do not waste on people that do not deserve it. Find your peace and your happiness. Do not let anyone stop you from having peace.  Have you found peace? Are you happy? Talk to someone that can help you if you need it. There are people that can help you. One day at a time. Remember God is good. Now onto the next life lesson.

Using your time wisely

Are we using our time wisely? Are we functioning they way we are supposed to? Are we working more? What is your plan? Do you have one? Are you thinking long term? Have you set aside for an emergency? Are you prepared ? How are you using your time? How are you balancing everything out? How can we plan things efficiently? Are we thinking ahead? What are your long term goals? What do you hope to achieve? Lots of questions and decisions to make. We have some thinking to do. We have some preparing to do.  I have faith in God and in myself it will all work out. How about you? Do you think it will all work out?  Let me know your thoughts and fears. We are have fears but we must listen to the facts. Remember have faith and be prepared. Now onto the next life lesson.

Do you mind?

We all have a lot on our mind? Quite frankly, I am tired of it all. I want things back to normal.  I want America back to work. I want people buying my book. I  am grateful for all that I have. However, I am tired and we are all making the most of the situation. BUT there is always something good to  come out of this. People do come together and more entrepreneurs are born. This is when we feel hope and have faith.  We need to get back to our lives. I am grateful I live in a state that is allowing this. We are stronger than we have ever been. My prayers are with everyone that is having a rough time. I pray for all. God is good and he will get us through this. We need to trust in God .  What is your goal for this time? What have you done to stay healthy with your body and mind?  After this is  over will things change? Will we still be United? Remember after 911 everyone flew old glory proudly?  What happened to that? I guess it was short lived.  I hope we all learn something from this. I believe there is a lesson in this. We need to make our good here in the good old USA. We need to bring ALL manufacturing to America! America is back and stronger and then ever. I believe in our country and the President.  What are your thoughts’? Now onto the next life lesson.

Crossing the finish line

Many of us have all crossed the finish line. We have accomplished something big and moved to the next achievement. Maybe you ran a marathon or wrote a novel. Maybe you got that promotion or maybe you just retired. Either way we have all made it through something at some point in our lives. Most of us are goal oriented. We want to make things happen. We want to achieve our goals. We want to keep accomplishing our goals. It feels good to meet a goal.  We can celebrate with our friends and family. As you know I have written a novel titled Someday. I have always wanted to write a book and I did it. I am currently working on another one. It is going to take some time but it will be completed.  What have you completed? What goals have you accomplished? Are you an athlete, a writer, or an over achiever? Whatever you are and whatever you want you can do anything you set your mind to. I believe that we can do anything.  How about you? I want to hear from my readers. Look out for hints in my blog about my upcoming book.  Now onto the next life lesson.


Do you like to read? I love to read. I especially love to write. They usually go hand in hand. I love to use my imagination. I have always been very creative.  What about you? Would you ever write a book? Speaking of books. I am writing my second novel and I cannot wait to share it. I completed my first novel in the Summer. It took me three years.  I am very proud of that accomplishment. I will announce the title very soon.  What books have you read? I just finished the Whisper Man. It was great. I am also reading a book by one of my favorite authors Harlan Coban.  It is called Runaway.  Do you have any book suggestions?  My book Someday is available on Amazon. I hope you decide to order it. It is available on Kindle and in paperback.  Let me know what you think and do not forget to write a rave review. Books are a great escape during a tough time. I hope you enjoy whatever you are reading. Oh, and do not forget to read my blog.


Now onto the next life lesson.

Classic Lines

We have all seen and heard them many times the things that makes us cry and laugh. The classic lines of the movies.  There is no place like home. We will always have Paris. He’s looking at you kid. I could go on and on. We remember them because they were great! There lines are still used today. Even though the greats are gone we still watch their movies. They were magic on screen. The talent and the gift they put on the screen was incredible. Oh and how could I forget, “Frankly, my dear I don’t give a dam.” Now that was a line! How many of us always wanted to say that? I bet many of us. Back then movies had stories and meaning . What happened to the black and whites? I love old movies.  The movies today are funny but nothing like the talent of Clark Gable, Vivian Leigh, Judy Garland, Humphrey Bogart. Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn. I could go on and on. It is because of those legends movies were made. Have you ever ridden the Great movie Ride at Disney? If not look at it one You tube. It is a good one. We have some talent today but nothing like the Black and whites. What are your favorites? Who would you want to play you? I remember my Dad introducing me to Burns and Allen, The Marx Brothers, Abbot and Costello. So many legends I wish I grew up watching the greats. Let me know your favorite. Now onto the next life lesson.

God is good pass it on

I truly believe in the power of prayer. I believe that God has a plan. I say my prayers every night and I ask God to bless all the people who are suffering first, then my family and friends. I ask in that order because it is good to think of others before yourself. I try and be considerate of others.  I often think about mistakes I have made and how sorry I am about them. I can only move forward and think about all the good I have done. I try and think about the positive. I think that is important. We can either add from life or subtract from life.  We can take away the bad but add some good and learn something in the process.  I think that most people have learned from their mistakes.  This has been one heck of a year. Home schooling has come to a close we have done all we can do. We are tired and ready for a break. We are ready for normal. We are ready to live our lives and get back to work.


Now onto the next life lesson

Accomplishments, Bad storms, but clear skies ahead

During this uncertain time it is probably best to do things that you have been putting off for some time. Maybe you want to clean out your garage, get rid of some clutter, or even start a project on your home? Or maybe teach your kids something they might need help with or have not learned yet. Whatever it is I hope it is fun and productive.  I am remaining positive that we will turn a corner. We will get through this mess. After all we have discovered vaccines for polio, chicken pox, and the mumps. We have even been to the moon. I have faith and I also know we need to live our lives at the same time be careful and not do something to jeopardize our health. We need to open the economy and be working again. What are you doing during this time?  Dining Rooms are offices, patios are break rooms, garages are now gyms. You have to hand in to us we are innovative people. We have found ways to get through this. I want to thank ALL of our healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, scientists, truck drivers, grocery employees, farmers, pharmacists. and postal workers. You always were our heroes it is a shame it took a pandemic to point this out.   As I have said before God is trying to tell us something that if we do not stop and notice the beauty it will be gone. We all know whose fault this is. (Sorry but it is true) We are the United States of America and we will get through all of this.  This is on China sorry but it is. They were careless and they lied. I will not go on about this I will only say that I have faith and I believe in God.


Now onto the next life lesson.

Summers Past

I can remember summers being the best part of my life. I remember the friends I made, summer jobs, and summer romances. I remember all of it.  I remember my first summer as a teenager. I remember because that spring my Mom had died and it was the first summer she was not around.  It was hard and no one could possibly understand what I was going through. It was tough to make friends and I was trying to figure out how to be a teenager while being raised by an unreasonable man who dedicated himself to his profession rather than being a Dad that I can talk to.  These were the 80’s the times where life was simple and just getting started for me. The girls I grew up with had friends and their moms to confide it.  The trips were fun but deep down I still had not dealt with the sudden death of my mother. Even though they were great summers on paper they were lonely and confusing at the same time.  The girls separated into clicks but the clicks were all friends or associates of one another. I was the observer the one on the outside looking in,  The boys drooled over the girls and life during the summer was one big vacation. As time went on I just got through it one summer at a time.  Every summer was the same but different. Same type of girls and same type of boys.  It was just a different crew. I remember ALL those faces. Do they remember me? Did they know what I was going through?  I was invisible to most of them.  Life goes on and I think those summers should remain the past tied up in a nice little bow.  Let it go and live your life I think is the best advice. Let it Go. Now onto the next life lesson.

America Now

It seems like forever ago that we saw people gather around and laugh. It seems like forever since we have shared a meal. People are now scared and apprehensive. We are afraid to be social and even hug someone.  We see masks and gloves and hazmat suits in the United States of America. How is this possible? This ongoing nightmare. It is scary and real. I wish It were just a bad dream. There  are hardly any smiles or laughter in the world there is just fear and sadness. We need to think of the good things in life and know that soon an end to this is near.  We have competent scientists and doctors working on a cure or vaccine.  In the meantime we have said goodbye to loved ones and mourned their death.  We just talk about the bad in a crises what about the good? There is good. Families are coming together again. People are thinking of creative ways to make money and help others. What are you doing? We are dusting off the board games and getting off our phones.  We coming together as a nation and appreciating our Doctors, nurses, medical workers, grocery workers, postal workers, truck drivers, police, medics, paramedics, farmers, teachers, all educators. We should always appreciate all citizens. I hope this is not short lived and we continue to say thank you. Remember 911 of course you do and everyone put out an American flag? I have one outside my home.

Thank you to the children who have been patient and are trying to understand this mess. Now that is all said and done we need to first thank God for our strength to get through this.

Now onto the next life lesson.


Now onto the next life lesson.

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